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  2. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched? to be him, I guess.
  3. I'm inclined to agree about having McNeil be Locarno. I know in the novels, in "Seven Deadly Sins," the Borg part, Locarno has taken up privateering after his expulsion from Starfleet Academy and ends up getting assimilated by the Borg. As with Jean Hajar, I imagined that she quit the Academy not too long after the Nova Squadron incident and joined the Maquis after hearing about Sito Jaxa's demise (from TNG's "Lower Decks").
  4. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    And I say all that as someone that's never been all that much of a fan of young Mr. Crusher, but those two episodes in particular are demeaning the character for no real reason. I like "The First Duty." The only bummer for me has nothing to do with him. I simply wish Paramount had ponied up royalties to let McNeil be Locarno in Voyager. I like most of "Final Mission," but it loses steam for me once Dirgo dies.
  5. The Orville

    I have yet to see an episode of this, but I saw RottenTomatoes's tomato meter rating and it's still quite bad (20%). Probably will end up being mercifully cancelled. Though then again, stuff happens.
  6. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    This more or less follows your personal rule to the letter. Sonal Chandra is of Indian descent (her great-great grandfather, BTW, is a canon character. He was a member of the court-martial board for Captain Kirk in the TOS episode "Court Martial"). Dr. M'Benga (a descendant of the Dr. M'Benga from TOS) is of African descent. The only human Caucasian male department head is vertically challenged. The other crew-members are aliens. Half the heads are female, half are female. Whatever input you have on the story. The end part is quite unusual (not to mention plays on a variation of some certain fantasy stories, Earth mythology, and even a certain fairy tale that gave me inspiration for some of the elements). I had to adjust it a bit to work. I'm a big "outside the box" thinker here, and it should show on "Sound of the Shiant."
  7. My Halloween costume finally came in! I’m going as Kylo Ren this year! (Only thing left is to buy the light saber at Wal-Mart)

  8. Some of his later episodes weren't so bad. Of course his best one has to be "The First Duty" when he's taken down a peg. Episodes such as "Remember Me" and "Final Mission" weren't so bad (although someone tell me why a fountain has a friggin' sentry protecting it for no apparent reason whatsoever?). Yeah, I agree, that really showed incompetence with the crew in Season 1.
  9. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Thanks! She gets testy when there's nothing much to do and she's not allowed to go do something either fun or productive.
  10. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    If only. I've been eyeing an Asus Transformer Micro but it has to wait until we've moved and paid some bills. It'll replace my old Asus first gen Transformer that was on Android (RIP my little leather bound buddy) with one that's running Windows 10 but I can get back to my digital sketching along with my 3D again. Ahh. I mentioned my tablet as laying in bed is about the only free time I've had for awhile lol. I'll see about reading it a bit later tonight or this weekend as time allows. I instituted my own personal rule for my own crews that they had to be at least half female and male, I wanted everyone to be from a different region of Earth or at the very least be descended from vastly different ethnicities or be an alien, and I wanted them to not always get along. Just because they're on the verge of, or are in a utopia doesn't mean the crew won't rub each other the wrong way often and loudly. I agree though that the battering ram is more than needed on that pesky ceiling. One of the things I love about Discovery so far. What kind of help are you looking for?
  11. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    It's a continuing thread of "Wesley Crusher: Unappreciated Genius" that runs throughout season 1, that, in this case, really displays the ignorance of the crew. One would think that someone in charge would have learned their lesson after "Where No One..." when, if Riker had given Wesley thirty freaking seconds, especially when, what he DID hear before he shut Wesley down was him trying to say he SAW SOMETHING with Kozinski's assistant, they could have saved themselves a lot of time. But, no, let's almost get feasted upon by the Crystalline Entity because, "Shut up, Wesley. You get to be a bridge officer, but you are never to speak."
  12. Bernie Casey (Cal Hudson, DS9) Dies at 78

    LOL. I skipped around and it basically writes itself.
  13. Since I was going through TNG (since I've been working on "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles") - - the last one I saw was the dreadful "Angel One" episode (been watching 'em in order). Sometimes I wonder how the show managed to prevail after the first season (and second season, though season 2 DEFINITELY had its moments). One thing that always escaped me about "Datalore" was that the senior staff was oblivious to Wesley Crusher's warnings. You'd think they'd be a bit more suspicious about the Date/Lore situation when Lore masqueraded as Data (from his voice saying "beautiful, isn't it?" when the crystalline entity intercepts the Enterprise).
  14. Well, I'm working on the "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles" fanfic series that you can read about on this thread: - a fitting thing for the 30th anniversary of TNG. I did get CBS All Access (Commercial Free) and I intend to install it on the PS4 i the basement so I can watch it on the big screen TV down there, considering how epic that series looks!
  15. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    That (and my JLP ramblings) are pretty much the only things I'm really good at and/or useful with here on this board. But yes. Re-watch Excalibur! It's not THAT bad a movie.
  16. Bernie Casey (Cal Hudson, DS9) Dies at 78

    Who knows, they may end up doing it!
  17. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    I could definitely use some proper feedback on it, since I've gotten so little. The file is a Word document file so you can read it off your computer. It's not quite ready for PDF yet. The finished document will feature the Galaxy's illustrations seen as well as the bridge views and those crew member illustrations I was telling you about. I'm already working on the second installment. Perhaps you can give me a hand on some of it. Both the captain AND first officer are female, as is the chief of security - taking a battering ram to that glass ceiling.
  18. Bernie Casey (Cal Hudson, DS9) Dies at 78

    That just SCREAMS MST3K material.
  19. Shatner: Nimoy faked wanting out of Trek for leverage

    That, too. He has to sully Nimoy in his own mind to make it easier to justify screwing him over. Shatner has never been one for mea culpas.
  20. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    "Killing Game," "Year of Hell." "Scorpion." They pretty much all worked. But when that show is bad it's just whole other levels of awful. And you know holodecks are a crutch when, by the second episode the show is engaging in rediculous technobabble about their power systems being incompatible with the rest of the ship in order to keep them around. Hell, I can go to Walgreen's and buy a 110/220 adapter and Geordi and Data can get a shuttle that's temporally out of synch to work. I just don't think Harry and B'lanna tried all that hard.
  21. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    And apparently, even THAT stuff was work in progress.
  22. The Orville

    Hulu was actually my first thought with this thing, as with a notable exception their original stuff tends toward lighter fare.
  23. The Orville

    It would thrive on Hulu. Hell, it could and would be flagship series (NPI) for a streaming service...
  24. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Jump scares are so predicable and common these days that I don’t even flinch anymore. I watched “It” more in “Stand By Me”-mode than horror-watching mode. That young cast was just amazing.
  25. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Yeah, but... new Trek. I have to admit; the first things I played on my Roku after hooking it up yesterday afternoon were the DSC trailers and promos; and they looked magnificent.
  26. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Oh that’s RIGHT!! I’d almost forgotten (nay, I HAD forgotten) that. It’s really nice to have a human encyclopedia of SPS information on deck...
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