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  2. TrekCore is hosting a Star Trek Online contest to celebrate the recent release of Season 14 — Emergence — on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms! Warp to the full article!
  3. The Music of Star Trek

    Clean cut Harry Mudd...
  4. The Music of Star Trek

    Yeah, thaaaaaaaaaaaat's not creepy or nuthin'.
  5. The Music of Star Trek

  6. The Music of Star Trek

    Must you?
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  8. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    I hadn't thought about that at all. Interesting. I was wondering where that character went all the while thinking I must have missed some dialog explaining his disappearance. While it does make sense that Ash is Voq I wish he wasn't. I like the 'broken soldier/sleeper agent' aspect. It does bring an interesting dramatic element to Star Trek. I liked how he froze when confronted with L'Rell. I suppose that could also be explained by some type of brainwashing or that deep down inside he knows who he is and his relationship with her. If he is Voq then there are some real heavy questions here: surgery, psychological implantation, etc...How does L'Rell do all of that given that Klingons aren't necessarily a species that care much for science, at least science not related to war and in the middle of what seems to be a Klingon civil war. Her manner of being is more akin a Romulan using deception to get by rather than honor. If she has that capability then why wouldn't she then be a Romulan agent using the same procedure to change a Klingon into a human? While this may all be cool it may too convoluted for my tastes.
  9. The Music of Star Trek

    So, we’ll soon be listening to... (wait for it).... Disco’s music?
  10. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Aaaaaaaand we all know better.
  11. The Music of Star Trek

    I pretty much lost any faith in Berman's creativity when it came to music when he canned Ron Jones for creating an actual score, and an atmospheric one, for BOBW
  12. EW on Discovery (and other reviews worth posting)

    Yeah, I could see that. The sexual assault piece was extremely good. i still haven't digested everything i read there. ST: DISC is to be commended for tackling subjects like this. That's the allegorical Star Trek I know. Latif and Isaacs both sound like incredibly good blokes to me:
  13. The Music of Star Trek

    Good news for Trek music lovers:
  14. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Wha? Are you implying that Lorca is a ...disreputable sort?" He is a Starfleet Captain, sir, therefore above that sort of thing.
  15. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Lorca has a thing for outsiders; like his affection for Burnham. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he'd enjoy having a secret Klingon in his crew (secret to Starfleet, but not him...).
  16. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Works for me. It's gotta be fairly tempting to remain. He was an outcast among his own, and I don't know that Lorca would necessarily cut him loose even if he knew.
  17. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    It really lines up when you think about it; though I don’t think Tyler is aware that he was Voq. My guess is that he is a programmed sleeper agent, with memories of his Klingon life buried deep underneath his now primary human memory implants. If you’ve ever seen 2003’s Battlestar Galactica and its character(s) of Sharon/Boomer, you’ll get the idea. For me, it’s more about what if he discovers who/what he really is, but CHOOSES to be Ash Tyler? The same way BSG’s Sharon chose to remain Sharon instead of a Cylon? And that’s possible, but ultimately (for me) a less interesting idea than a human who doesn’t know he’s something else. But upon learning the truth (someday?), he chooses to be a human being instead. To be honest, the actor’s ethnicity never really factored into my theory, since he’s playing a generically named “Ash Tyler.” He could’ve just as easily been caucasian or African-American or hispanic and I still would’ve held to the theory that he’s really the former Klingon albino Voq. Because if the Klingons are that good at cosmetic surgery (Arne Darvin in TOS’ “Trouble With Tribbles” being another example), I suspect he could’ve been made to appear as any kind of human.
  18. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    My husband didn't feel well enough to watch this episode the day it was released, but he didn't want me to watch it without him, so I didn't get to see it until last night. Finally!!! God, what an episode! From Culber and Stamets kissing to Stamets hanging limply in the chamber to Tyler's PTSD flashbacks to Lorca's manipulation of Stamets to Burnham's insisting on going on the mission to Burnham's stalling for time by calling out Kol to getting Cornwall back alive to Tyler's confession to Burnham ... damn, that was something! I have an idea about the Tyler-is-Voq theory. I'm not saying that this IS what's happening, but it's something that COULD be happening, and it would fit with what we know about the writer's overall intentions for the show. Many Americans have been suspicious of Muslims for awhile, and men who LOOK as if they MIGHT be Muslim have been harassed at airports, followed on the street, and treated badly, even though most American Muslims are perfectly ordinary citizens, just like everybody else. We know that the writers of Discovery are interested in giving the show some social commentary. Shazad Latif looks like the kind of man who is getting harassed on "suspicion of being Muslim" these days. What if the writers left a trail of breadcrumbs to make us THINK that Tyler was probably Voq, when he's actually an innocent man who has already been through hell by being in Klingon custody for 7 months? The entire fandom is suspicious of this man who's been tortured and raped, and won't we feel bad if the poor guy is exactly who he seems to be? What if that suspicion IS the point? Perhaps all of those clues suggesting that Tyler might be Voq are a subtle attempt to make Americans re-think their reflexive suspicion of men who look like Shazad Latif? What if the message is, "Look, you suspected this guy, and he's a big damn hero who survived seven months of captivity, torture and rape? All that suspicion was for nothing! Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? And wouldn't you like to stop being reflexively suspicious of men who look like Shazad Latif?"
  19. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Dan and I both love Sir Patrick, each of us in his own way, but sometimes Sir Patrick just does THAT kind of thing that leave us facepalm-ing. For example, I remember Dan's (and my!) exhaustion when Sir Patrick tweeted that video in which he was "talking" to those sheep. Like, WTF?
  20. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    I could imagine...
  21. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    I'm not sure Dan sees things the same way - I've had my share of "omfg what's your dad done NOW, you can't leave him alone for ONE second" moments with him. (It's all jokingly, Dan loves his old man, but sometimes we both just stand there with PADDY NO looks on our faces, lmao.)
  22. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    See thats funny, because what I enjoyed about it, was that it so perfectly captured the feel of that Era of TV. It got the tone and style and characters right. And I guess...heres the review:
  23. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Yep. Too true. I told his son on Twitter that I wish I had a tenth of the charm of his pop.
  24. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    This. And STC was always careful about inserting new elements into the sequels that put a fresh spin on the original concepts as well. The most ‘sequel-y’ of the STC episodes was, IMO, “Pilgrim of Eternity”; but even that was given a fresh coat of paint by remaking the former ‘villain’ as a reformed hero by episode’s end. I also liked the message of altruism being its own best reward (literally). I’m pretty sure if TOS had been given a finite time on its own ending, we probably would’ve seen a lot of sequels to earlier episodes in its final year as well. I second that emotion...
  25. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Yup, I love his outfits as well. He can wear pretty much anything, it's incredible.
  26. Ex_Machina and other AI Discussion

    Well, precisely. I’m not worried about AI per se as much as I am the way humanity will pervert it and use it for its own ends.
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