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  2. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    I say just wait for the DVD. It'd not like it's gonna get any better.
  3. Episode 1.12 "Vaulting Ambition" Discussion Thread

    There may well be. I hadn't really considered it.
  4. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    Still haven't gone back for a second this rate, I'm not sure if I will. Do I really want to be disappointed twice?
  5. After that 11th episode, I now tend to think of TMP as the sequel to STC...
  6. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Think of Omega Sector/Trekcore as the Star Trek convention that never ends... Post often and prosper.
  7. Episode 1.12 "Vaulting Ambition" Discussion Thread

    I like that Barge of the Dead theory...sounds very plausible, Prometheus.
  8. Episode 1.12 "Vaulting Ambition" Discussion Thread

    Wouldn't mirror Tyler be mirror Voq? Unless there was a prime Tyler that Voq replaced? I wasn't clear on whether they created Voqler a new identity altogether or if he just assumed the identity of a victim from the Battle of the Binary Stars. Yeah, but Charon is also a moon of Pluto and Starfleet names their ships after Sol system objects all the time.
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  10. Episode 1.12 "Vaulting Ambition" Discussion Thread all of this, for some reason, the existence of mirror Tyler even existing hadn't even occurred to me.
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  12. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Thank you kindly- I think I shall!
  13. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Indeed. And welcome to the board and post a'plenty.
  14. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    That would be terribly, terribly convenient.
  15. I always thought it worked. Still does.
  16. Episode 1.12 "Vaulting Ambition" Discussion Thread

    Seems plausible to me. That ship will likely be involved in some way if we're going to delve into any Voqler resolutions involving (whatever remains of) Prime and/or Mirror Tyler.
  17. Opening this a bit early because someone in the Disqus portion of Trekcore posted a very intriguing theory, and, if true, could even throw Voqler for a loop: Interesting ship name: ISS Charon. According to Wikipedia "is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead." I wonder if the ISS Charon is actually the Klingon Ship of the Dead that is now under Terran control and rebadged. Those sets look like they could easily be the old Ship of the Dead sets converted for the Emperor. Might explain why the Shenzhou couldn't see the ship as it was firing on the planet below.
  18. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Well, if one of them had been from the MU, they might have been just different enough.... As it is...
  19. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    Thanks, must have missed that episode. However, if conceived it was in the mirror universe
  20. Trivia: episode name is from Macbeth.
  21. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    He just murdered the rest of the movie instead.
  22. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    Lo, the Knights of Ren:
  23. General Star Wars Discussion

    Droids in the Star Wars universe. This article is quite interesting, as it lists and explores several points that we’ve made on this thread in the past about treatment of droids in the galaxy of long ago and far away...
  24. I like that idea too, as an affectionate homage to the original. And yes, to me it's obvious that the old unaltered prime timeline still exists (Spock Prime's presence in ST09 is proof of that already, as is the Defiant existing in Discovery). ST is a multiverse. Each time they go back in time, they return to a subtly corrupted future. Even if they fail to notice it, some minor details will be off. Observer effect... First, thanks for the kind words. I had to get it all down in a single blog post, so I can have a ready answer whenever I'm asked about how I reconcile ST's many continuity nits. So much easier this way! Secondly, I sincerely wish that CBS would sanction STC. But sanctioned or not, it's head canon to me anyway.
  25. Intriguing and well thought-through, rich with detail. Something like this would really work, including stepping through 60s style Trek on the way “home”. Then let CBS pick up Star Trek Continues (adding a few more episodes to round out the thirteen) for a “parallel” run with Discovery.
  26. Last week’s rousing adventure in the Mirror Universe continues in this Sunday’s newest STAR TREK: DISCOVERY episode, “Vaulting Ambition,” and CBS today has released several new photographs from the upcoming episode — featuring the Emperor of the Terran Empire, Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) in all her might. Warp to the full article!
  27. I've always liked this hypothesis. It fits in with what we know and explains many of the continuity issues. I've actually been more concerned with continuity within an series. I'd kind of like to see the Discovery escape from the mirror universe at the end of the season but take a 3 or 4 episodes to get back to their own universe. I'd love to see a Trials and Tribble-ations part 2 when they have to go to a star base in the original universe for a spare part and engage with two different ST series. That way fans can see that the original prime universe still exists. At the end, they find out that the spore drive is weakening the barriers between universes so it is never used that way ever again.
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