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  2. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Reddit had a thread that was basically collecting together all the clues that point to Lorca being a Mirror character, the most compelling pieces of evidence I hadn't thought of...but Burnham, being someone close to Georgiou (from the looks of the trailer in either universe), is clearly key to his plan, hence his recruitment of her and how he so often wants her kept safe. The other was a line from Burnham in this last episode: even the light looks different here...and Lorca's whole light sensitivity thing! Also another person in that thread noted that Lorca had a similar meal in an earlier episode to that of the one Mirror Saru presented Burnham with in this latest episode...some squid thing. There are some interesting clues that I'd missed earlier, and it makes even some of the earliest episodes that weren't quite as interesting as the path they seem to be on now worth a new look.
  3. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    Will I buy? Nope. Netflix will be lucky if I bother to put it in my DVD queue.
  4. DC Movies Crisis ? JUSTICE LEAGUE in Chaos ?

    JUSTICE LEAGUE Blu-ray Cover Promises That There Will Be A "Bonus Scene Not Seen In Theaters" - Are You Gonna Buy This One ??? Fans have been hoping to see Zack Snyder's Justice League director's cut for a while now but with the Blu-ray release looming, it appears as if we're going to have to make do with just a bonus scene. Warner still didnt announce a release date, Gus
  5. Discovery put me in a Mirror Mood, so I had a Mirror Universe marathon. “Mirror, Mirror” is a classic; one of my top 5 (maybe 2) episodes. It was like when a favorite song comes on the radio and you know every note. “In a Mirror, Darkly” is infinitely re-watchable - great Terran Empire fun. Like the Discovery Imperial episodes. LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE! Then comes the Deep Space Nine “Mirror” episodes. They are nowhere near as fun, with no Terran Empire, just a defeated and oppressed Human Civilization we are supposed to feel sorry for. Intendant Kira was a hoot, but everything else was just uninteresting. Michael Dorn looked as bored playing the Regent as we were watching it. Never again will I make myself suffer through these episodes. Oh well, we will always have the TOS, Enterprise, and now Discovery Mirror Universe episodes to enjoy. LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!
  6. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    True. A lotta people have given them a lotta chances. May indeed work better on a trilogy entirely his. I just know he stalled, if not ruined this one.
  7. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    What do you mean could? And thank you!
  8. Other than last week's DSC "The Wolf Inside", I've been watching some S4 TNG on Netflix, "Brothers" and "Suddenly Human." Also watched DSC, "Context is for Kings." And I meant to mention this earlier, but I love your new banner...
  9. Theme Galleries Rejuvenation

    Gus? This sounds like a perfect place to add or repost all of your old TOS photos, my friend.
  10. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    Sad to see Capaldi go, but looking forward to new title sequence and a new tardis interior, well it has a female touch now. Piccy in this of Sean as the 3rd Dr
  11. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Given how fascinating and intelligent his mirror-version is, I wonder what his prime version is like? He's so ruthlessly intelligent. He did the thing that mirror-Spock once said was almost impossible; for a mirror barbarian to pass as 'civilized' in our universe. He not only passed, but he got a prime universe crew to do his bidding. If his prime self has that kind of intelligence (and even some of that cunning), he'd still be a fascinating character. I was rewatching his first episode yesterday, and I'm convinced that he and his dead security chief Landry escaped together. Landry also feels like a mirror character. I'm guessing she was his personal guard in that universe. That he seemed so nonplussed by her death later on shows that she, like most else in his life, was just a useful tool and nothing more. Anyway, I really hope that DSC doesn't eliminate the character (in either version) altogether.
  12. General Star Wars Discussion

    I'm getting my popcorn early in anticipation of his lack of interest....
  13. Many moons ago, we created the Theme Galleries ( - with the omission of the TOS section, because we knew the HD upgrade was coming. This last year I've been working on finally doing the TOS section, and while its close to initial launch, I've been poking around the other sections and realized we've got more material we can add to the entire thing. Back in the day, we utilized an early crowd-sourcing via this forum and anyone who wanted to go surfing through the screen captures galleries to build them all up, and I was wondering if we might have any interest in doing so again? It's totally volunteer, on your free time, on a whim. Before I make all those threads though, I'm curious to see if anyone's willing to lend a hand? So reply here if so, please!
  14. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    On your first point, agreed. Haven't even seen "Justice League" and I don't feel I've missed anything. On your second, very possible that Johnson could do better later on, but I just wish that he hadn't used a chapter of this trilogy as his personal audition tape for his own trilogy. Too many dead ends, lots of conflicting ideas all thrown felt chaotic. Lots of wheel-spinning but little forward momentum. Rey hasn't really progressed, and Kylo is still the same only with a self--granted promotion. At the end of all of it, things are no diffferent really, other than a higher body count. I can only imagine what Dave Filoni would've done with a middle movie chapter...or his own trilogy. Wow. I was surprised at how well Rebels captures so much of that earlier SW feeling. And it's a cartoon on TV (!).
  15. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I like the words "Lorca" and "dungeon" in one sentence. Nah, really, I would LOVE for Prime Lorca to be still around and come into play in some way.
  16. I watched TNG's "11001001" yesterday.
  17. General Star Wars Discussion

    I’m excited about this movie if only to see Prome reach new heights of brilliant dismissal.
  18. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    It’s been oft-mooted that the BBC should try past Doctors in animated form. Some of the DVD reconstructions are a sort of dry run for that - the idea being, you’d get soundtracks a la Big Finish and low budget animation to recreate the look and feel of each Doctor’s respective eras. With actors who are no longer with us, you’d get, say, Frazer Hines to do his impeccable impersonation of Troughton. RTD was into it, but it remains to be seen whether it’ll happen under Chibnall’s watch. I suspect not.
  19. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    Gotta say, aside from Wonder Woman, I’ve so completely lost interest in the cinematic DCU, I couldn’t care a fig what they put out now. It does make me a bit wary of Johnson’s proposed “new trilogy” beyond this one. But maybe his style of storytelling will work better on films removed from the main Skywalker saga? C’mon, LF and Disney... you anointed the wrong guy. Filoni, man, Filoni.
  20. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I was just awake late this night and then watched a few episodes of Lynda Carter's WONDER WOMAN TV Series second season. I love Gal Gadot in the more "warrior" version of the character but in the 1970s Lynda Carter ruled television 40 years ago on CBS.Yay ! Here's the intro with the great theme song - Gus
  21. General Marvel Discussion

    Good point BTW....... THOR: RAGNAROK Digital HD And Blu-Ray Release Dates Announced - Check Out A New In-Home Trailer Below Good evening ! Gus
  22. USS ENTERPRISE 1964 - Rare Pics

    But.....but......but......but she is a beauty ! Thats my STAR TREK ! LOL Gus
  23. General Marvel Discussion

    LOL. Fair point.
  24. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    ^ This. I still plan to give TLJ another try soon, but the fact that I’m kinda dragging my feet on it says something... Today I just bought Blade Runner 2049 on blu ray and I plan to break into the bonus features tomorrow.
  25. Episode 1.11 "The Wolf Inside" Discussion Thread

    ^ This.
  26. USS ENTERPRISE 1964 - Rare Pics

    Surprised the Enterprise didn’t get a ticket for being illegally parked...
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