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Star Trek: Bridge Commander 2 - Kenneth Emerson (Project Lead) Interview

Posted by TrekCoreNews, 03 December 2012 · 78,983 views

Star Trek: Bridge Commander 2 - Kenneth Emerson (Project Lead) Interview Bridge Commander was (and still) one of the top Star Trek games played. Many in the gaming community have hoped for a sequel to this great game. Kenneth Emerson was one of those that wanted to see Bridge Commander 2 become a reality. After years of concept work, the fan-created BC2 game will be released on December 21st. We caught up with Kenneth for a pre-release interview about this much-anticipated game sequel.

TrekCore: When and how did the Bridge Commander 2 project begin?

Kenneth Emerson: The Bridge Commander 2 project began in 2009, I started working on it by programming it from scratch, I used bits of code from a previous game I was working on in 2007.

TrekCore: How has the project evolved over its long history?

Kenneth Emerson: The project has both evolved in complexity and graphically speaking.

TrekCore: What is the storyline?

Kenneth Emerson: At the moment there is not much of a story line, only that the game is placed 10 years after the dominion war, it's pretty much sandbox until I can find someone to come up with a good storyline.

TrekCore: What's the time frame of the game?

Kenneth Emerson: Bridge Commander 2 is set approximately 10 years after the Dominion war, the Jem'Hadar still exist, but they only exist in the Gamma Quadrant, players will probably find a few rogue squadrons in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants, however.

TrekCore: Will the game have a multi-player option?

Kenneth Emerson: Bridge Commander 2 will be able to support up to 3200 players per Quadrant (Server), possibly more if I need to then I can program the servers to piggy-back off of each other to lessen the load.

TrekCore: Is it true that BC2 will boast over 200 Federation, 40 Klingon and 40 Romulan ships?

Kenneth Emerson: Yes the rumors are true, eventually Bridge Commander 2 will boast over 200 Federation Starships, 40 Klingon, 40 Romulan, and many more, including Cardassian, Jem'Hadar, and others.

TrekCore: A lot of positive news has been generated lately about the Unity game engine. How has the game engine benefited BC2?

Kenneth Emerson: The Unity Game Engine was only used for prototyping purposes in early development, it would not do justice to Bridge Commander 2 in the long run, mainly because of the Licensing options, and the cost to purchase a License just to develop Bridge Commander 2.

TrekCore: Can you share some screenshots?

Kenneth Emerson: Yes, Screenshots are usually posted on the official website in the forums or in the Gallery at http://stbc2.com/ or at http://indiedb.com/g...dge-commander-2.

TrekCore: Is there any other informaton you'd like to add?

Kenneth Emerson: An important note for users to remember for release:
When Bridge Commander 2 is released on December 21st, consider it an Alpha version that will be constantly changing, this is a huge project for one person to do alone, thankfully a few kind modelers have donated models to the game, I would like to give them credit below.

Credits for the Models:
Rick Knox
Raul Mamoru
And the TrekMods Team for their contributions

And I wanted to say thank you to all of my fans for following my progress, and contributing in any way you can to the game, I'm doing this so we can all have a fun game to play, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to stop by the official site, register and please list your suggestion.

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