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Board Topics: March 11, 2012

Posted by TrekCoreNews, 11 March 2012 · 2,210 views

Discussing which Trek actors we have met. So far Frontier is REALLY showing is geek cred.


If you could remove anything from canon…

Here's what I would remove and change:


1. Get rid of Star Trek: The Motions Picture and make a different one....I didn't like the first trek movie, it was so boring lol

2. Star Trek: Nemesis - Not have Data die...get rid of the prototype one instead which would have Picard think it was actually Data

3. Star Trek XI: Not have Vulcan destroyed in the alternate timeline

TV Series:

TNG: Not have Tasha died...keep her around longer and have her depart but not die

DS9: Get rid of Ezri Dax by not having Jadzia Dax die

VOY: Less Janeway/Chakotay focus. Have more Seven of Nine/Torres focus :)

Chime in: http://theomegasecto...ing-from-canon/

We just released the TNG Blu-Ray caps for "The Inner Light":

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