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    • Nimoy Died Refusing to See Shatner
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      ^ Good point; Shatner was just being Shatner, I suppose...  
    • What Star Trek book are you currently reading?
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      I uh... I kind of liked it.    * runs and hides *     
    • My theory on the plot
      By The Founder · Posted
      I know people aren't big on the idea of the UFP "falling" or suffering a huge set back, but I think that idea might be good for a number of reasons. I'm not saying it is something we'd have to witness, but if the show started with a soft reboot. The technology is simply too powerful in Star Trek. They really need to kind of "wipe" most of it and knock it back a little bit. Thanks to DS9, crossing a universe is simply. Thanks to TOS, cross through time is simple. Thanks to VOY, altering our evolutionary path is simple. etc. etc. etc. The technology is out of control powerful and it's at a point where they technically should have a means to get out of every situation. It's why they constantly have to come up with some convoluted explanation about "oh the transporters don't work because of a passing ion storm. Let's break out the buggy." etc. I know that transporters and the like are iconic, but the story sometimes suffers as a result of having Trek tech (that often crosses the line into magic). They need to nerf some of it within the context of the story. Weren't they going to do an animated series where the UFP did fall? I vaguely remember the UFP worlds got cut off from each other because of those particles detonating and Andor leaving the UFP or something vaguely like that. I feel going forward, Trek needs to move forward with stories, but take a step back with the technology...
    • The Alternative Factor
      By Corylea · Posted
      This IS a terrible one!  On the other hand, there are good reasons for that.  The Charlene Masters subplot was taken out at the last minute, leaving the plot thinner than it was supposed to be, so they had to pad it out with endless scenes of Lazarus fighting himself.  And I guess you know that Robert Brown was cast at the VERY last minute, since John Drew Barrymore -- who was supposed to play Lazarus -- simply didn't show up for work the first day, and they had to film the scenes that didn't include Lazarus that day, while they scrambled to find a replacement.  Robert Brown seemed kinda confused, but it's no wonder -- the poor man barely had time to READ the script, much less understand it. I do give them credit for trying an interesting science fictional idea.  If they weren't making these episodes at breakneck speed, maybe they could have done a somewhat better job using that idea.  As it is, I think this is the second-worst TOS episode ("And the Children Shall Lead" gets my vote for worst-ever TOS episode).  
    • Nimoy Died Refusing to See Shatner
      By The Founder · Posted
      I don't know how true this all is, but it is depressing.