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    • Upcoming DC Movies: Name Your Cast
      By prometheus59650 · Posted
      Legends of Tomorrow second season may be impossible:
    • Rocky Balboa: The Franchise
      By StillKirok · Posted
      Fruitvale Station is a good movie, though I feel it was a 30 minute story told in 90 minutes.  The events are based on a true story, and the newsworthy parts of that story happen in the last half hour. It was a really crappy situation but one that really does belong in another thread.  But it's a good enough movie to be WORTH that other thread. Back on topic, if you like the first Rocky, and most guys do, I don't see how you can NOT like Creed.  It's good enough that you don't need to know much about the Rocky franchise to love it, but loving the Rocky franchise does make the movie better. Rocky III is more important as a prequel to Creed than Rocky IV, because while Apollo dies in Rocky IV, the reason we feel that loss so greatly is because of the chemistry between Stallone and Weathers as friends in Rocky III. We saw glimpses of who Apollo was in the first 2 movies, but the third movie really brought out why Apollo was so awesome. Apollo was my favorite character besides Rocky.  His death never sat well with me.  I know they wanted a dramatic impact to push some hate on Drago, but it didn't work for me. I think a big reason is because at the time, Stallone was banging Brigette Nielsen, and she got all the lines.  We should have hated Drago as much as we hated Clubber. Even his biggest line, "if he dies, he dies," didn't have enough impact because of the delivery.  I feel there was enough inspiration for Rocky to fight even if Apollo was spared.  Like maybe have him beaten into a coma, but recovered at the end of the movie. The reason of course was that the character could be used again. What would have happened if Apollo had been in the last 3 movies?  He would have helped Rocky get back on his feet after Paulie "lost the money." And he sure as hell would have been in Rocky's corner in Rocky Balboa. But in THIS movie?  As great as this movie was, and it was terrific, it might have been even better had we had Carl Weathers in it.  We would have had another 20 years of their brother level friendship that could have been turned on its ear if Rocky decides to train Adonis against Apollo's wishes.  The script is a lot different, but just as great, especially with the talent that went into writing it. Plus, we could have really had some development of Apollo, whose pre-Rocky life is something I would love to discover, but realize can never be made into a movie. After all, how can you make a movie about a younger Apollo, when no matter how rough his childhood may have been, he is possibly one of the most perfect people ever put on screen.  He only had one flaw--pride, and that pride never hurt him until Rocky II when it cost him his title, and Rocky IV, when it cost him his life.  Before Rocky, he was as perfect as could be, and I don't know how a story can be written about a guy who is that perfect?
    • Doctor Who Series 9 Discussion *Spoilers*
      By scenario · Posted
      I agree. Very good part one episode. Have to see part 2 to make a final judgement, but it looks good. I've got a few questions but I'll wait a few days. 
    • Happy birthday to Trekcore
      By rta-man · Posted
      Has it been 10 years already?  I remember the TrekPulse days, and the events that culminated into TrekCore.  Happy birthday TrekCore!
    • The CIVIL WAR Begins - First Trailer
      By prometheus59650 · Posted
      I have to say, with Winter Soldier, I felt like you could go into that one cold and be okay.