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    • Sehlat Vie

      The new episode of ST Continues, "Come Not Between The Dragons" was just amazing.  It has elements of "Devil in the Dark" and "Day of the Dove" but put together in a very unique and compelling way.   This truly IS the return of classic Star Trek.   I sincerely believe that no big budget movie can ever do the job quite as effectively as these fan-made episodes.
      · 0 replies
    • kenman

      Yay!  Cavs go to the finals and a new Star Trek Continues! Good evening!
      · 0 replies
    • Sim

      The Federal Republic of Germany was founded yesterday, 67 years ago. Somehow... weird that it's so old already.
      · 8 replies
    • kenman

      Today started off so well and ended up being kind of a bummer. 
      · 3 replies
    • Mr.Picard

      I should have another TNG day at some soon-ish point. TNG all day... oh myyyyy.
      · 7 replies
  • Recent Posts

    • First Teaser!
      By Shada Dukal · Posted
      “Disclaimer: Everything said represents only the personal views, bad tastes, and deficiency in moral fiber of the poster, it is not aimed at anyone in particular, and it is not to be taken seriously. The poster has a death sentence in several universes, traded her illusions for two bottles of kanar many years ago, and still considers it a good deal. Any semblance with here existing sentiments is purely coincidental and in fact a real miracle.” Well, as long as it makes sense, I truly don’t mind which universe they will set it in. My personal choice will be the Prime Universe but the PU is oversaturated with expectations and discord within the fandom so the JJ-verse might be able to level out these polarities. Still, the JJ-verse belongs to Paramount while the PU is owned by CBS and I guess the production of a series remains a prerogative of CBS. For the time being everyone repeats this mantra about setting it in “future” but it is not clear which future – post-TNG future, post-DS9 future, post-VOY future, a future period unrelated to the previous shows, post-Beyond future. In any case, how many years or centuries ahead? I wonder what the producers mean by an anthology – side-branching several old eras only, starting within the known timeline and then moving forwards, or jumping beyond the already developed eras. The last one is probably the most desired variant here but still I can’t say whether it is likely to happen. The anthology offers an opportunity for diversity and flexibility if they make it work. It is tempting to see more ships, more characters, and more settings.
    • Bad Reviews for X-MEN APOCALYPSE
      By Nombrecomun · Posted
      What's the violence level compared to Civil War, Avengers, etc...?  You guys are my kid's rating system. LOL!!!
    • Star Trek Continues Episode 6: "Come Not Between The Dragons" discussion thread
      By Locutus · Posted
      ^^^This is the bottom line.  I thought the episode was phenomenal.  I actually had tears well up in my eyes, as much because it was such an authentic representation of Classic Star Trek as by the merits of the story itself.  The look and feel just is TOS.  The rock creature was an incredibly clever design.  Reminiscent most of the creature from "Savage Curtain," but unique in its own right.  I like the science fiction element of sentient creatures evolved to survive in space unconfined also.  Moreover, "Continues" achieves Star Trek's morality plays better than any fan film and just as well as the best of Star Trek official productions.  
    • Queer/LGBTQ Characters?
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      Unless, of course, it is an anthology series; in which case, each new season will be reset like so many chess pieces.  I'm still hoping that, if a particular group of characters really catches fire, maybe they might get a spinoff series or abandon the anthology format altogether.   That would be the best way to nurture the idea of a slow-burning or stable romance on the show (of any gender-pairing).   I would also hope that if the series does go with an anthology format, they might still have proper LGBT representation in each new season.   In a galaxy of trillions of people, I would imagine that LGBT persons wouldn't be confined to one ship or starbase... 
    • Star Trek Continues Episode 6: "Come Not Between The Dragons" discussion thread
      By Sehlat Vie · Posted
      That plea was devastating; she spoke for all the abused everywhere.  Edgley really brought real truth to that monologue; her delivery rang true with the spirit of an abuse survivor.  Speaking of Phase II films?  The Phase II film that really reduced me to tears was "World Enough and Time" when Capt. Sulu tells his daughter Demora about her sister.  That moment was so beautifully played.  For me, that fan film was George Takei's finest performance as Hikaru Sulu EVER (and yes, that includes the feature films). Another STC film that had a similar impact on me was "Lolani"; another powerful treatise on abuse (in that instance it was about the abuse of women, not children).  Anyone who dismisses these as mere 'fan films' is truly doing themselves a disservice.    To me, they're instant ST head canon and often have as much to say as some of the best entries of the ST series (which were always a bit deeper to me than the movies).