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    • Sehlat Vie

      Going for a second serving of “Blade Runner 2049”; amazing movie. 
      Already blogged about it.
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    • C.Lovett

      At the convention, I accidently called a Deathstroke cosplayer "Deadpool", #godforgiveme
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    • C.Lovett

      Went to Falco Convention at the university of Montevallo (Forgot my camera sorry, my mom took pics though) it was amazing!!!!!!
      Things I bought
      A pic of Obama as a Jedi knight
      A Dragonball keychain
      A Disney grab-box
      A pair of fox ears
      free candy
      a free sticker
      An Umbreon sticker
      (Didn't get any autographs, sorry)
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    • C.Lovett

      Happy Friday the 13th!
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    • C.Lovett
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    • I think this might’ve been easier if they’d done as you and I & Mr. Picard stated earlier; set it post 24th century. All the same, I’m still not terribly perturbed by the redesign, other than the obvious limitations placed upon the performers by prosthetics and the ornate (though beautiful) costumes. These Klingons remind me a LOT of the Klingons we saw in TUC.  A part of me can’t help but wonder if that were one of Nicholas Meyer’s few touches (?).
    • That is simply awesome!    I set up our little lawn (our front ‘yard-let’) cemetery this week, and I just rigged up our ghost-lighting FX tonight...
    • Halloween is upcoming again.  The cemetery is up and waiting for my zombie horde to break ground on Halloween. In honor of the godfather of the modern zombie, George Romero, my cemetery is the Monroeville Cemetery of 1978. More to come on Halloween.....
    • It really isn't - it's a lot more than that. People will always try and find a sense of coherency in fantasies - it's part of the human imagination's agency, to find those patterns and hook their own theories into them, make it a whole tapestry. It's how mass entertainment works, especially nowadays when you have vast fan networks linked by the Internet. And that's a vital difference between the first time the Klingons were redesigned, when there was no Internet, and now - the ability to make immediate visual comparisons brings about a sort of imaginative disconnect. The showrunners stated unequivocally they wanted to attract all the old fanbase. What they're doing, clearly, is trying to have their cake and eat it by also aiming to attract a new fanbase, and the old scenery-chewing Space Viking Klingons wouldn't cut it. But honestly? In my humble opinion, neither do these, especially not when they're trying to do Shakespeare-style dialogue in a fictional language  through all those prosthetics. I admire their ambition, but the execution leaves something to be desired. I agree that got stale. I like how the new ones look. They look cool. They behave in more nuanced ways. But they should've been an entirely new, different species - it just would've been easier for fans, new and old, to suspend disbelief. When we get a really good character like L'Rell, played by a really great actor like Mary Chieffo, it seems churlish to not like it as whole. Clearly a hell of a lot of effort has gone into this. However, as a reimagining of a major piece of pop culture, it all amounts to less than the sum of its parts. These new Klingons don't only have an all-new look, but an all-new culture and nuances too. I think it's difficult for fans to even parse them as the same species. I think they're the weakest aspect of Discovery so far, and it isn't just because of how they look. It's because everything about them is so radically different, a little unconvincing and also, L'Rell aside, they're booooooring.
    • I think it's best for everyone to forget what has been and just take what you see at present. I realize it's fun to speculate or try to find congruence with the look but that's just more fan navel gazing. This series is aiming to attract a new following, one that doesn't know or care what Klingons used to look like.  I mentioned elsewhere that I liked the look. They are now alien again instead of just the bumpy forehead look. I also like that they took away their militaristic uniform. It seemed like every Klingon in TNG, DS9, etc.. wore the same uniform. That got stale.