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I think they were on the Wadi ship - perhaps a holodeck? Odo sneaks onto their ship but the leader (who at times seemed omnipotent) found Odo and tossed him back to DS9. I wonder if Odo had been close to finding the missing officers?

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I don't hate it. It's nowhere near DS9's finest hour, but there are even S1 episodes that I hate more, like "Storyteller."

It's a passable hour of Star Trek.

I don't hate it either.

It's very weird, very different and very experimental, and I don't think this experiment has gone so well. But I take "weird" and "different" experimental stuff over plain dull, forgettable episodes. And there are a couple of those in DS9 season 1:

"The Passenger" (this must be Alexander Siddig's worst acting performance ever), "Battle Lines", "If Wishes Were Horses", "The Forsaken", "Dramatis Personae", even "Dax" are all less interesting, less rewatchable episodes IMO.

I laugh at Siddig's whispery, halting speech in "The Passenger." It was like he couldn't think of an accent or some other way to make his possessed persona different from his normal one so he start speaking... the way...William Shatner...emotes on stage.

"Battle Lines" is interesting to me in that it marks a spot of real growth for Kira. The plot of it? It makes no sense to me. I can't watch it without literally thinking of Kang in "Day of the Dove." "No doubt you will reassemble after I have hacked you to bits."

I really don't think these people are trying hard enough to kill each other.

"Dax" is all right, but I think it mostly suffers by the fact that Dax is just lifeless in this episode. I get the whole standing mute to protect Tandro's widow, but Dax's demeanor and delivery just exemplifies everything drab and dull about Dax until she turns over a new leaf in "Playing God."

I like "Dramatis Personae." If nothing else, I can never recall seeing the personalities of main characters flipped about so soon after a pilot.

"If Wishes Were Horses" was more 'nothing' than "Eden."

Yeah ok, "Dramatis Personae" is at least has a meaningful idea behind it ... and I agree some episodes which character moments or background (such as "Past Prologue" for Kira, "A Man Alone" for Odo, "Dax" for Dax or "The Nagus" for Quark and Ferengi culture) help introducing the characters and thus serve a purpose. So maybe a novice shouldn't skip them after all.

But beyond this purpose of giving some more character description, I think most of these episodes are utterly forgettable. Some have even offensively bad moments.

As much as I love DS9, think it's the strongest ST series of them all, season 1 only gets 4/10 points from me at best, and I think it's hardly more enjoyable than TNG's first season (the last two episodes of DS9 season 1 being an exception).


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