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I watched this episode a while back, but kind of forgot to review it. Not too bad of an episode and I did like the question of is Jadzia separate from her symbiont, Dax? The episode does not fully answer the question unfortunately. Perhaps it is simply unanswerable?

Dax wanting to protect the general's wife did show she still felt those same feelings Curzon did but was it Dax or Jadzia doing that out of respect for Curzon? I wonder if Trill can't "undo" previous acts, whether good or bad, from previous hosts. Thus why Jadzia felt she had to honor Curzon's secret.

This was kind of a straight forward episode and the "twist" was predictable, but I don't mind since the focus is more on Jadzia. Sisko viciously fighting to protect Dax was done well, although revealed his bias quite clearly. Still, it continues to set up a friendship that went on for the rest of the show and carried on to Ezri.

I found the Bajoran judge to be amusing. :P

First mention of Raktajino!

I'll give this a 7/10. It raised interesting questions but really gave us no answers to them.

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