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What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

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Watched "The Edge of Seventeen"'s a decent coming-of-age high school flick, one that felt like a nice modernizing of the John Hughes type film of the 80s, and Hailee Steinfeld carried the movie well in the lead role. The film doesn't break any ground or really surprise in too many ways, but it was well made and enjoyable. I don't see myself watching too many more High School films, no matter how well they get reviewed...probably because I am just getting too old to care about the subject.  High School sucks, being a teen sucks, I remember, but I've moved on in my life.  I'll let the next batch of awkward teens enjoy these films, I am happy they will have their own films that capture their hearts of angst.

And then tonight we held up our end of a deal. The little one despaired about the fact that she had to go to bed at her usual time the other night, so we told her that on Friday night, we'd have a "slumber party" in which she was allowed to stay up all night, eat popcorn and watch a couple of movies with mommy and daddy. So we watched her two choices, The Jungle Book (the original cartoon) and Cinderella (again...the original cartoon...why is Disney remaking all of these with live action remakes now?).  Kid soldiered on til about 10:30, after the second movie ended, and we let her fall alseep in our bed, after which I carried her to her own room.  But we held up our end of the she'll have to go to bed on time again. 

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