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Hello and welcome to The Omega Sector - the official BBS of!

This is a quick guide to helping you after you've registered.

IMPORTANT: To prevent bots from registering and messing up our forums, new members must first make 2 posts in existing topics before they are able to start new topics of their own. One exception is the "Introductions and Celebrations" forum, where you can start a topic after you register and it will count as 1 post.


All you need to know about the Ranks can be found here:


Avatars are the images that go below your Username. To change your avatar first make sure you are logged in then click the My Settings from the drop down menu in the top right corner. One the page that loads you will see a tab for "Profile" - click that and then the "Change Avatar" link. From there you can choose an avatar or upload your own.

Private Messaging

All our members have private messaging! This like an internal email system that allows you to send text messages to other members. When they log in they will see the message waiting for them. To send someone a private message, look for this logo under that user's avatar:


There are other ways to send the messages as well, so explore around to find the different menus.


To create a poll click the New Topic button in a forum. The option for creating the poll question will be within this. There is no separate poll button.


If you have any questions try the Help link which is located at the top of every page. You can also post questions in our Feedback and Help forum or send any of the staff a PM.

Have fun posting and invite your friends!

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Updated July 2010

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