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Justin Snead

Your Top Predictions for Season 1

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DSC has 6 more episodes. What do you think will happen?

1) Lorca won't be killed off. I still think and hope that he meant the promise he made to Burnham in Context is for Kings, that they will use the spore drive to actually explore after the war.

2) DSC is set in the same timeline/reality as TOS, and all the fans who can't wrap their head around that will just have to deal.  

3) The Klingon war storyline is the weakest part of the show and it's not going to get more interesting or compelling, and the DISCO side of the war story will continue outweigh the Klingon side. If these was going to balance out we would have seen evidence of it before now.   

4) Prediction 3 could be wrong because I believe we will see T'Kuvma again. Killing him off so early (and replacing him with the one-note Kol) squandered their Klingon storyline, so resurrecting him might resurrect interest in the Klingons. 

5) We will see Gorgious again, probably in the mirror universe. Oooorr.... time travel takes Burnham back to the Battle of the Binaries to correct her mistakes, and that is how we have Gorgiou and TKuvma on screen again.   

6) The character "Ash Tyler" contains the memories and personality of a real Ash Tyler who was killed to allow Voq to masquerade as him, but Voq/Tyler will also become aware that he used to be Voq, a Klingon outcast. Somehow he will still be permitted to serve on DISCO and have to grapple his two personalities, similar to how Bashir had to deal with his genetically enhanced self and the facade he had been presenting to the crew all those years.  

[Disclaimer: when watching, let's try not to get too caught up in the plot twists and our expectations, neither of which are the heart of the show. Enjoy DSC for the show that it is.] 

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* Ash Tyler’s big reveal (as a surgically altered Klingon) will be as great a surprise to him as his crewmates.

* Echoing a theory one of our newer members made, I think the ‘alternate’ universe Disco winds up in at the end of E9 will be revealed as the prime timeline; and as Mr. Picard pointed out, that will be the perfect way to tie up all the loose ends that (so far) aren’t consistent with the PT.   It’s also a very clever way for the producers to be true to their original statement; that the new series WILL take place in the PT...they just didn’t say when that would occur.;)

* Georgiou could very well be alive in the prime timeline; I could see that happening as well. 

* I’d be fine if they drop all of the Klingon intrigue and just leave L’Rell as the sole remnant from that plot thread; focus on her, and her love triangle with Ash and Burnham.   Make the Klingon spectacle more intimate and that’s when it’ll get really interesting.

* Lorca will be revealed as a refuge from the PT, and his goal from the very beginning of this year was to get back.   Maybe he got into Disco’s universe by a transporter accident (hey, it worked for “Mirror, Mirror” and DS9) and saw the spore drive as his ticket home.   Maybe he even killed this universe’s Lorca and stole his identity to do so...?    

* Stamets will live through whatever’s happened to him, but he’ll be forever mutated somehow.  Maybe the PT Starfleet determines that the spore drive of the parallel universe’s Disco is just too dangerous, and that’s why we’ve never seen it again. 


Again, I’m probably wrong on this, but the idea of Disco winding up in the ‘real’ Prime Timeline is just too irresistible to ignore IMO.



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