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Your Favorite TV Shows of 2017

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Which new shows, or new seasons of shows that have been around for a while, did you enjoy most in 2017? Which shows disappointed you?


I've never seen so many new shows in one year as in 2017. And much of it was actually good, IMO. My list is in no particular order this time, and I include shows that didn't necessarily premiere in 2017, but I didn't happen to come across earlier:

1. Shows that stuck out:
- Star Trek: Discovery, season 1
- Better Call Saul, season 3
- The Man in the High Castle, season 2

2. Shows I enjoyed a lot (in no particular order):
- Doctor Who, season 10
- Game of Thrones, season 7
- Stranger Things, season 2
- Dark, season 1
- Twin Peaks, season 3
- The Expanse, seasons 1 & 2
- American Gods, season 1
- Westworld, season 1
- Humans, season 1
- Aquarius, seasons 1 & 2
- 4 Blocks, season 1

3. Sufficiently entertaining shows (in no particular order):
- Hannibal, seasons 1-3
- The Fall, seasons 1 & 2
- The Young Pope, season 1
- House of Cards, season 5
- Sherlock, season 4
- Bates Motel, season 4
- Fear the Walking Dead, season 3
- Outcast, seasons 1 & 2

I don't include "Mad Men" in this list, because it's a little older... but I've finally managed to finish it (hadn't seen the last 3 seasons yet), and am absolutely amazed. Really great show!


The show that disappointed me most was "The Walking Dead": The absurdly brutal season 7 opening turned me off already, and ever since then, I watch it with reservation and the show has not managed to win me back... though I still kept watching until the recent mid-season 8 finale. In season 8, the show apparently has entirely lost its compass... it's just going nowhere anymore. Yet so far, I have not yet managed to pull the plug and stop watching. Surprisingly, its offspring "Fear the Walking Dead" was more entertaining in its 3rd season than before. It's still not anywhere near my favorites, but I did not feel I wasted my time.

A show I finally stopped watching is "Designated Survivor". It was rather campy from the beginning, but at least its first season was still somewhat thrilling, with the conspiracy arc. But what the heck happened? They entirely dropped the very identity of the show in season 2, everything that it's supposed to be about, and now it's just become a mediocre melodrama about the thoroughly good and moral Mr. President and his little everyday problems? It'd really surprise me if it got a 3rd season.

I've also seen the first episodes of both Netflix's "The OA" and "Narcos", but somehow, they didn't catch my interest ... maybe I'm going to give them another try later.


"The Handmaid's Tale" is still missing on my list. Unfortunately, I have had no opportunity of watching it: It's just not available. The DVD/BD isn't out yet, and the exclusive rights for Germany are with the Deutsche Telekom phone/internet provider and their IP-TV service, and I see no sense in signing up there when that's the only show they got I'm interested in. But I'm most curious about it.

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Mostly rewatches for my husband and me last year, so my list of newish shows isn't going to be very long. (Rewatches: Stargate SG-1, MacGyver (with the kid))

GoT seasons 1-7. I thought it would be too violent for me and refused to watch for years, but when I finally gave in, I was hooked after a few episodes. Can't wait for season 8.

Twin Peaks: The Return. A bit uneven and left me unsatisfied at the end, but some parts of it were brilliant. I'm glad I've seen it, but I have no need to see it again.

Doctor Who season 10. Great stuff. Bill took a bit getting used to, but I loved her by the end.



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I fell in love with "Narcos". Loved the first two seasons, was a little bit more "meh" on the third but it's still better entertainment than some of the other stuff I tried to watch ("Designated Survivor" bored me to tears, for example, - who WRITES SOME OF THESE LINES, a 10-year-old fan fiction writer can come up with better ones).

And "Fear The Walking Dead" is better than "The Walking Dead" by now, although this doesn't take much. lol I gave the show a second chance and while it still has utterly unlikable and often horribly bland characters (except Strand, I really like him) and atrocious plot holes I gotta give it one thing: At least something HAPPENS. No Negan with his endlessly tiresome ramblings. It tries, at least that.

I also enjoyed "Dark" a lot. "Stranger Things" season 2 was okay as well, I guess.

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