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The Dark Tower: What would you like to see?(NO SPOILERS)

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As The Dark Tower heads to theaters soon, I pray to the Hollywood Gods not to mess it up. Anyhoo, For the uninitiated, The Dark Tower is a series spanning several decades for Stephen King. It is an overarching story that links to many of King's other works. 

The books themselves can be hit or miss depending on which book. However, the characters and the overall world he creates are quite amazing. Not as fleshed out as a Narnia. Hogwarts, or Middle Earth but close. 

So what would you like to see?

Here's my list. This makes sense for those who are familiar with the books. So when I say "No Spoilers" I mean whatever you know about the movie itself, not the books. Thankee Sai. 

(Possible Spoiler Warning For Those That Have Not Read The Books)

-I hope the movie is a continuation of the actual Dark Tower book, not a note for note replay starting from The Gunslinger. The books make it clear that Roland is stuck in some type of loop but each time he starts over there is something that changes that could lead to his ultimate victory. 

-I am curious as to how they'll do Oy, if he's even in these movies. He's part of their ka-tet so I would be shocked if he's not in it.

-I hope they drop the whole Mordred thing or severely change it. None of this spider creature thing. That was awful. 

-I do feel that the series lost it's footing starting with Wizard And Glass. Hope they do something different by then...if the series can last that long. 


What's your list?

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