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Sehlat Vie

Comic Con Revolution, Ontario California, May 13th 2017

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Today, my wife and I attended Comic Con Revolution, a sort-of 'mini-Comic Con' about 20 minutes away from us!   
It was a lot smaller scale and scope than Comic Con or WonderCon, but the colorful cosplayers and the great dealer hall exhibits/booths really gave it their all!

Star Trek Beyond cowriter Doug Jung was supposed to be there, but apparently he no-showed.   That was kind of a disappointment (waited over an hour and a half!), but I also met actor James Naughton ("American Werewolf in London") and saw tons of colorful, clever cosplayers (there was an amazing Optimus Prime on stilts!).  

Also got a couple of classic Star Wars large, soft-back Marvel adaptations that I used to own when I was a kid!  Nice to get those back again, after all these years.    My wife also got some great fan art for her classroom, and a nice little graphic novel she enjoyed.

Comic Con Revolution, Ontario California, May 13th 2017/Flickr

We had a terrific time!  Hope the photos in the link above tell the story well.

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