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TNG 30th Reunion Panel.....and Shatner ! (VIDEO)

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Thanks for posting this video! I also was there as a cosplay Trekkie guest. No, I did not ask them questions.

My appearance (and my posted blog recaps) as a guest could not include actually filming the event, but I was there, to the far, far right in a seat out of the shot. I'm not famous, so they did not notice me. Ha.

The cast had a great time talking about the show and there were some great insights,and funny moments, and even some political discourse. I saw the big TV style cameras they used to film this. Heh. Cellphone cameras will not do it anyway. They had sound pickups in this video and could hear them clearly, so it's professional. It was a lot of fun.

Silicon Valley Comic Con was in San Jose, California (about an hour from San Fran) and this was their second year, after replacing Big Wow Comic Fest, in 2016 with their first.  Stan Lee and Steve Wozniac started the first and Woz was doing the one days ago.


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