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My Silicon Valley Comic Con Recap 2017

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Hello y'all. Chimera here (Kal Kat on YouTube)

I attended as a guest the Silicon Valley Comic Con, second annual 'sophomore' convention in San Jose, California this past weekend at the McEnery center. The convention was a Wozniak (the surviving Apple co founder) production with Star Trek special guests, including William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden and Denise Crosby, and also Robert O'Reilly (Klingon). Nichelle Nichols did do a signing.

Although others have full YouTube recordings of the two event shows with Trek alumni, I did not because I did not have a VIP permission, so it it just a lot of me narrating over stuff. But I did get some interesting answers to some of the questions posed here.

Shatner will not, and does not plan to be, in any future Star Trek films. That goes for part 4, whatever that will be. He will be in a program called Senior Moment. He was funny.

Shatner misses Nimoy and was sad to have missed his funeral.

Frakes, Sirtis and Spiner would like to be on board of they do another Gargoyles, and Crosby and McFadden thought it would be fun to join them. If they ever did another one. A fan mentioned there was a kick starter and it started them talking.

As far as Spiner or Frakes know, nobody has offered them a part on Discovery, or to direct, but if it comes up, the fans will likely find out before they do. Ha.

Sirtis joked that Spiner has action figures in his car trunk to sell. Also that they did 3 and 1/2 films before they got 'cancelled' because the fans did not like Nemesis, or about half if it. She was funny.

Shatner had fun talking about the classic stolen bike story again.

McFadden talked about having redressed the bridge set to prank Stewart, complete with wearing a robe and curlers in her hair, and silly decorations, and he was so tight lipped he didn't notice!The cast joked about the Borg when asked about their origins. It turned into a political rant by way of Orange is the New Black to the presidency.

Since my three-day recaps are very long, I am going to link to the channel and you can check them out. For the actual events, others have permission and posted that. Mine is just my opinion.

Nichols was very overwhelmed, because it was late in the day, but I did get to say hello and thank her for trailblazing on Star Trek.

Also the 'author interview' does reveal my actual name. Ha. Some of you TW guys might recognize me from the Star Trek Into Darkness review back in 2013.

I enjoyed the con immensely. Also there were Star Wars people there, (mostly costumed cosplayer, and the local 501st storm trooper club) other fantasy people, and a Firefly guest, and many others, but I did not get to film them. This was done on an iphone 4 but the video recap later was done on a Panesonic camcorder. Ironically the come PC is not a Mac.

Once there, just watch the videos. I did not want to fill the screen with links to each.

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It was awesome going there, especially dressed as a Star Trek person, of my own crossover design, and being on the away team, ha.

Someone has posted the TNG panel this morning, which is great to look back on already. The Shatner panel from the first day is somewhere out there too. He was on fire and excited! Not bad for someone 86.

Nichelle Nichols, 84, was not feeling well so it was kind of a downer the last day, but it was altogether a good experience!

Comic Con only started coming to San Jose last year.


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