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One of my favorite subgenres in gaming is the "space 4X" (named so for taking place in space and for the four "Xs," eXlore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate).  Think Sid Meier's Civilization only in space, which immediately makes anything better, right? :thumbup:

My recent favorite in the genre has been Stellaris, which is in realtime as opposed to the more traditional turn-based, manages to work in some interesting subplots as you play, and definitely draws some heavy inspiration from Trek in how you explore space and study the new alien lifeforms you encounter.  The game got an expansion last week, but the base game also got a huge patch that adds tons of new content and addresses many of the issues folks had with midgame.  I was very impressed with the game when I first played it last November, but this patch really did wonders for the overall experience.  Plus, there's a really well done Star Trek mod, not quite done in its current state, but still very, very playable.

Anyone else play Stellaris or any other space 4Xs?

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