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How should the Klingons look in Discovery?

The Klingon look in Discovery  

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  1. 1. How would you like to see the Klingons look in Discovery?

    • The Augment/TOS look
    • A mix of both working together but show the augment looking ones have become dominant
    • The ridged heads only and ignore what was said/shown on DS9 and Enterprise

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I wouldn't mind either interpretation, really.

If they wanted to be slavish to canon, I suppose they'd have to be smooth-headed at this point in Trek history.   But I don't think the series will go that route because it's creatively and visually uninteresting.   So I'd imagine the 'augment-infected' Klingons (of the mid-23rd century) being only a faction of Klingon society; much as blue-eyed people are are not a majority around the world.   Maybe we only saw smoothies in TOS because more of them were used as troops in Klingon society (esp. given their presumed augment talents?  The augment DNA was originally conceived to make 'better' Klingons... maybe they partly succeeded?).  

general_chang4.jpg <  A compromise? 

So we could (conceivably) see both working side-by-side.   Or maybe Klingons with less-pronounced ridges, like General Chang (?).  Chang looks like an augment Klingon who is 'recovering' or a hybrid of the two.   Maybe that 'infection' of his accounts for his more treacherous, ambitious nature.

Anyway, the canon-geek in me would like to see both, but the canon-be-damned side of me would be OK with just bumpy headed Klingons, since they are more visually interesting.  

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