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A Quick Pleasant Review of In These Arms

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Mr. Picard is one of the moderators on this site, gifted with the writing bug to come up with tales of The Next Generation, and has taken on the post Nemesis time period in his 2014 fan fiction story "In His Arms" The first story where Picard meets his future husband, Alex. Although there is some diplomatic daring do going on with some of the familiar alien races visiting the ship, it is primarily a love story that ends rather openly. of free spirit but also some trepidation, but because of status not anything else. Alex is not an officer on the ship, so the rules might not apply, you see. Well just say most romance stories and slash stories have a love scene. It i not done for shock value, as a lot of the older stuff was, such as the KS works of the slash rings in the 1990s, but rather as a romance.

After discovering the story through this site, and another, I have concluded it fits well with the romance genre of slash/shipping and also is thoughtful and progressive in portraying the depth of characters. Picard is thought up quite well, and even in the period, probably 2380, it is not an issue that anything is going on.

Putting on the writer, editor and journalist hat also, for content and story technique, I found really no problem with the grammar, pacing or story, and would think he would make a good script writer. It was a treat to read an online fiction story not littered with issues that pulled a reader out of the story. It was not too long, made sense thematically, and followed the short story method.

This is apparently part of an ongoing series and may very well be posted here also. I just haven't looked it all over. I thought it best to start with the 2014 story, considered like an unsold alternate timeline pilot. If you are into reading a romance about Picard, and erotic Star Trek therme fan fiction, this is a good one, but it is very much adult content. (Mature audiences rating).

Chimera82405 is a poster on this web site, mostly rants and comments, or editorials, who also posts movie reviews and Google and You Tube blogs and is a former editorial blogger to TrekWeb, and has a Star Trek themed fan film in the works, due out in 2017.

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