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Denis Villeneuve's DUNE ?

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Any artist known first for their original work who then hitches themselves to a franchise is doing it for two reasons - admiration and self-respect. They admire what's gone before, but they're paid so badly the franchise work is probably the first time they're ever going to make any real money. You have to respect yourself on that front, because no-one else is going to.

Okay, that's probably not true in Villeneuve's case, but I'm sure he has the same fear for job security we all experience. I'm not at all opposed to seeing his version of Dune - I'd far rather it went to an intelligent, stylish director like him than some hack. 

I actually think his doing work like this increases the chances that we;ll get him doing his own thing again later, a la Nolan. 

It could've been worse, I suppose:  Michael Bay's "Dune" (buggies)... :giggle:


Oh cheee.... Bay's DOON doesn't bear thinking about! :ohmy::laugh:

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