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What TOS guest stars have you met/seen at cons?

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With the recent passing of Don Marshall (Lt. Boma from "The Galileo Seven") on Oct. 30th and Jan Shutan turning 84 yesterday (Nov. 5th), we TOS fans realize there aren't many actors / actresses left from these years, sadly.  I would like to know which TOS guest stars you have met or at least seen at Star Trek conventions over the years.  Please include photos of the stars if you have any!  :thumbup: (By the way, does anyone remember seeing Jan Shutan at any cons?)  

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We actually have a thread for which ST stars our members have met, but since this thread is specifically for TOS stars only? I don't see a need to merge them.  

I'll throw mine out there:


* Leonard Nimoy.  That was a surreal moment (at San Diego Comic Con 2009); I'll never forget it. :worthy: He was such a gentleman, too!  Was heartbroken when he passed...

* Nichelle Nichols.   Met her three times, and seen her a few other times at various events; she's a wonderful lady.  Very kind to my wife and I when we first met her in 2002.   Gave us a hug. :happy:

* Walter Koenig.   Think I caught him on a bad day in Pasadena in 2004; it didn't go so well... :S

* Grace Lee Whitney.   Seemed nice enough.  For some reason, my wife didn't like her (my wife's like a tribble when it comes to 'sensing' people... ).

* Majel Barrett Roddenberry.   About a year or so before she died.  She was obviously ill, but signed for each and every fan.   Nothing but respect and admiration for her.

* George Takei... kind of.  Gave him a LLAP salute at a Nissei parade in Los Angeles.  He laughed, and saluted back.  We were about 20-30 ft. from each other; not sure if that counts as a meeting, but... oh well.  :P

* Sally Kellerman (Dr. Dehner, "Where No Man..."), about 3 months ago in Las Vegas.  I had NO idea her husband had just passed away that very weekend!  Also shared an elevator with her later on, after I quickly pried the closing door open for her; she was grateful (and exhausted).   

* Gary Lockwood (Gary Mitchell, "Where No Man...").  First met him (and his "2001: A Space Odyssey" costar Keir Dullea) in Pasadena in 2002.   "2001" is my favorite scifi movie of all time, so I was more excited about that than for his ST appearance, but it counts.   Also met him a couple times at WonderCon (we once had a nice chat about making "2001").

*  Clint Howard (Balok, from "Corbomite Maneuver").   Funny guy!  He reminds me of everyone's crazy, funny uncle who tells the wild stories at the family BBQ.  He and I took a selfie together. 

*  Not sure if it counts as a TOS star per se, but I also met "Trouble with Tribbles" author David Gerrold when he came to my city to speak in 2010.   We had a nice chat about his would-be script for TNG ("Blood and Fire") and his book "The Martian Child" (later made into a movie).

*  Also met "Gillian Taylor" (Catherine Hicks) from the TOS movie, "The Voyage Home." 


I've also seen William Shatner and many other TOS stars/guest stars at conventions over the years, but the ones above are the only ones I actually spoke to, or interacted with in any way...

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Met James Doohan in the 1980s at least twice at conventions. He was cool. It struck me as interesting he didn't have an accent but made it up for the show. He also joked with me and some others about Star Trek V, which had just come out, that he wasn't asked about the tech specs (mainly concerning the turbolift having 74 decks). 'Agh, the Enterprise has 21 decks and the numbers would nae be on the inside of the shaft',  That was pretty funny.

Met Nichelle Nichols at conventions in the 1980s and 1990s, and the last one around 2002, where she was hanging out in the dealer's room and a bunch of us got to chat with her for as good 15 minutes each. She was cool. It was the same con that had the Romulan lady actress (Joanne Linville)? from the cloaking device episode, and Grace Lee Whitney and some from DS9 and Voyager and Enterprise.

Grace Lee Whitney was nice and she had an interesting and tragic Hollywood backstory to tell. It was the 60s and some actresses were treated rough. She also autographed copies of her book.

I met Leonard Nimoy in the mid 1990s at a convention, and had a bad cold. That influenced the convention. I did get to see the rare bloopers reel from Star Trek IV, which nevermade it onto any of the special editions. A version can be found online since, recorded likely in that year at that con.

I saw William Shatner, also in the 1990s, (along with some DS9 and TNG people and a Voyager person). He was annoyed that day.

I didn't meet him personally, but Mark Leonard was at a con I went to.

I've met more TNG people, but this thread does not include TNG. I've been to cons and talked to briefly with Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirits, (3 times), Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner (only briefly), and saw some of the others.

As for DS9 people, the most recent was in 2011 and it was Chase Masterson, but before that I saw Aaron Eisenberg (about 2002), and he talked about his kidneys, and his fake leg scene on the show, which was interesting. Shimmerman (Quark) and Augerbonois (Odo) in the same con in the 1990s was great, bur Marc Ailmo (Dukat) was a riot. 

Terry Farrell and Nana Visitor were at a con I attended, but I did not meet them.

On Voyager characters at cons, I met Garret Wong, and Ethan Phillips, (Neelix) but did not meet any of the others. I saw Kate Mulgrew but did not meet her.

I have shaken the hand of Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn and Marina Siritus and Nichelle Nichols.

I'm trying to think of the other TOS guest stars I met.

I also met the guy who played Echeb at the convention where Eisenberg was.







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The highlight of my Star Trek con going was the 25th anniversary shindig at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.  All seven leads, along with Gene and Majel on stage at one time.  The last time they were all together.  We talked to Majel Barrett later in the dealer's room - she was very gracious.  Several years earlier we saw Deforest Kelley on his own at the Disney Hotel in Anaheim.  He read his poetry and was very charming.  At WorldCon in Anaheim (2006 I believe) there were a number of fringe players on the dealer's floor peddling their autographs at $20 or so.  BarBara Luna was among them - there were probably other Star Trek alums there too, but none stuck in my mind, since I've never been in that market.  At that convention I met David Gerrold and Dr Jean Lorrah, who wrote my very favorite Star Trek novel, The Vulcan Academy Murders.  She inscribed that novel to me and that meant a great deal.  However the true highlight was meeting Anne McCaffrey again, but that's another tale!


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