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Garak the spy

Before Star Trek, back to the start...

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I was recalling some of my memories of when I was younger, and started to recall so much that I loved as a kid. I remember that untill my 10 or something years, my father and I would just watch the Trek that we had, and that was some TOS episodes on TV and only, and really ONLY season of TNG, but then, it was the 3 season. Man, my father was so bored, I insited to rewatch that one season like, 10 times over and over again. :P Anyway, I was remembering what world was like for me before Star Trek, so i started to wonder what was it for you guys? What role models you had as a kid? What ware your childhood heroes? Cartoons? Comic Book heroes?

Those ware some of mines:

Buzz Lightyear, saviour of the universe, and I mean the cartoon Buzz, not the one from Toy Story. For me the cartoon was so perfect, and looking at it today I can say why, it is like a crossover between ST and SW. They have a "Federation of Planets" too, they are a Team and they work for the "Star Command", but at the same time fight againts the Evil "empire" created by Zurg. ;)


Also, Tintin, the reporter, I have always been a fan, and still am, I have the full colection of the comics books. It all started when I watched random a cartoon that was on the TV...


There are much more, but I guess now it's your turn people. 


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The one tv series that totally captivated me and sparked my interest in SF, before TOS, was "The Tripods" by the BBC:



That really thrilled me to no end! IIRC, it was produced by the same guys who made "Doctor Who" back then, but as DW was not on German tv, I never learned about it as a kid.


But then, audio plays on commercial audio tapes were all the rage among kids in Germany, back in the 80s (before the Game Boy ended that in 1991)... rather than tv (many Germans were rather Nazi about their kids watching too much tv). I wasn't really into comic books, and audio plays were cheaper anyway.

Even Hollywood movies were adapted for audio play; they took the original music and (German dubbed) language track from the movie, shortened it, and added a narrator explaining the action not obvious from audio only. That way, I came to listen to "The Black Hole", "Star Wars (77)" and "Back to the Future" long before I actually saw the movies on screen.

So my biggest passion were audio plays based on the youth book series "Alfred Hitchcock's The Three Investigators" by Robert Arthur, dubbed "Die drei ???" (="The Three Question Marks") in Germany.

They had wonderfully mysterious, masterfully designed covers:



The name of Alfred Hitchcock attached to it scared a few parents, who were concerned it might not be age appropriate, so it was all the more thrilling to listen to these tapes.

In reality, Hitchcock's name was just for marketing, he merely produced the (originally American) books but never wrote any IIRC, and the content was perfectly age appropriate: It's about three teenage friends who work as private investigators, and the stories range from crime/whodunit to mystery/seemingly supernatural stuff. But the crimes are modest, they never have to do with murder or too much violence. And the mysteries they encounter, which appear to be supernatural at first, always find a rational, logical conclusion.

Before TOS, and even while my love for TOS started, the "Three Investigators" really were my idols. I especially looked up to Jupiter Jones, the leader of the three, who was the smartest of the three and combined a Sherlock Holmes-like sense for observation with Spock-like logic. :)

Years later, in my early 20s, I rediscovered my old tapes and the love for this series, so I'm still listening to the tapes (now CDs) -- and they're so successful in Germany that the German label bought the rights and continues to produce new books and audio plays, up to today! There are still ca. six new episodes released every year.

It's still one of my huge geek passions. :)

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My favorite cartoon as a kid was the Spider-Man animated series from 1967. This cartoon not only introduced me to Spider-Man but to the comic books and the whole Marvel universe. The 1966 Marvel Super Heroes Show (which features cartoons of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Namor in very limited animation) was my next passion and I was hooked and have been a Marvel fan for life.


Of course, when I hit adulthood, I made sure that I have the DVD Box Sets for these 2 cartoons series (The Marvel Super Heroes Show was not releassed in the US, but I got a DVD set from Amazon UK, since they were released in England and even with the very limited animation, it is a vlast to watch this episodes again.



Then, imagine my surprise as a 7-year old kid, when sundelly, live action shows of these same Marvel Super Heroes begin airing on TV circa 1977. Okay it was low budget and they changed some elements from the comics, but to me didnt matter, I was in my personal nirvana watching Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker or Bill Bixby as David Bruce Banner.



You can watch the best episode of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon "The Origin of Spider-Man" on the YouTube link below

Hope you will enjoy this cartoon as much as I did !

And here's the 90-minute CBS pilot for the live action Spider-Man TV Series starring Nicholas Hammond at

Thinking back on it, I had a great childhood, and a good life. I really wanted to thamkk my late dad, Celso, for always sitting at my side in front of our color TV and watching all this stuff with me when I was 5 or 6 years old, and years later, taking me to see SUPERMAN THE MOVIE in 1978. Thanks, dad.


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A time before Star Trek?  Wow... I'd have to have been about 6 years old or so (my first exposure to ST were reruns of TOS and first-run TAS in the mid-'70s), but I vaguely remember watching "Twilight Zone" (my favorite pre-ST series) and cartoons (mostly the Warner Bros. classics, like Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd).   "Lost in Space" reruns were another I recall watching (their plots were far less sophisticated and aimed at young children, so...).  

BTW, I still very much love "The Twilight Zone"; that show (and the Merrie Melodies cartoons) were and ARE still brilliant! :thumbup:

pt1320.jpg Lost-in-Space.jpg



I also loved a couple of Japanese TV imports that we used to get on our local station when I was about 8 or 9; they were "Giant Robot" and "Ultraman."  Both were wildly silly (even then), but they were a lot of fun to a very undemanding 8 year old kid.   I was also an on-again/off-again fan of the "Six Million Dollar Man" (which makes him sound like Michael Bay's on-set caterer these days); usually I just tuned in for the "Bigfoot" or "Bionic Woman" crossover episodes (also watched that one too; the fembots scared the s#!t out of me).



Even today, I still think Lindsay Wagner is an extraordinary actress; in many ways, her show was better than its predecessor (largely due to her likability and believability in what was otherwise a silly story).


I was also a huge Godzilla movie fanatic (still am) and also loved the Universal classic horror movies from the 1930s and 1940s:



By the late '70s, I was also a big fan of "The Incredible Hulk" TV-series; I still watch those on DVD every now and then, as I think Bill Bixby should've won an Emmy for the role (as did Lindsay Wagner; mentioned above).   He gave that show a lot more gravitas and plausibility than it would've had otherwise.  


Of course, by the mid-to-late '70s I was already a committed (or certifiable?) Star Trek fan, so....

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I was 4 when I discovered Star Trek I was 3 or 4. So not much memory before it. Things I also liked around the same time as Trek was Danger Mouse, Eureka's Castle, Sesame Street (which boy have I bevome reaquainted with! Tomorrow we are taking our daughter to see it LIVE!). As I got a little older I also really loved Batman: The Animated Series and Gargoyles. 

Movies were always big for me. My dad recorded practically any movie that was airing on TV so I had a great library of stuff to watch. Things I particularly loved as a kid and featured heroes of mine were things like the 90s Batman movies (especially the first one, but I liked the first two sequels too), the first couple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (that first one is the definitvie version of TMNT for me). I also loved Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Back to the Future (mostly Part II) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. These were such a huge part of my childhood.

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I  only discovered STAR TREK when I was already 11 years old when I saw THE MOTION PICTURE on the big screen in 1980. Loved it and begin to watch the TV episodes on TV daily.

But the fact is that I am more of a MARVEL fan than a TREK fan for the past 35 years. I loved tOS, TNG and DS9, but I really give up on STAR TREK, its no longer in my heart anymore, but on the other hand, I would never give up on MARVEL movies and comic books. Stan Lee was my childhood hero (and still is). They are my first love and you never forget your first love.




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Here's 6 episodes from the CAPTAIN AMERICA cartoon from the MARVEL SUPER HEROES show which aired in 1966 including the classic THE SLEEPER SHALL AWAKE. Various Avengers cameo in several episodes.


Here's the THE MIGHTY THOR episode MOLTO THE LAVA MEN (1966) featuring the Avengers with a guest appearance of the Hulk himself !


Enjoy guys and have a great weekend. Avengers Asseeeeeeeeeemble !


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I must have first seen Trek when I was quite young, but I didn't actually become a proper fan of it until I was an adult. When I was a kid I used to love the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon, and so I've always had a soft spot for that particular superhero. (On that note, I thought Maguire's Spider-Man 2 was pretty good when I saw it years later, in terms of live action stuff.) As I grew older I got into Star Wars, which I absolutely adored for a long time. I played Star Wars games and I read Star Wars books. At some point I started watching SF like the new Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Babylon 5. For some reason, I didn't really get into Star Trek -- maybe, at the time, I thought it wasn't dark or cynical enough? Either way, I started watching more DS9 and TNG and finally understood what made it a great franchise. I even liked a few Voyager episodes...

I think DS9 is what probably made me a serious fan. Such a great show.

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