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How do I post a GIF?

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When I try to paste from a URL in the Insert other media button nothing shows up. What am I doing wrong?

I know you're probably already doing this, but I'll go over it again just to make sure (I have a Mac, but even using PC it's the same):

1.  Copy your GIF's address from wherever you find it by right-clicking and then clicking on 'copy image' or 'copy image address' option (or just copy it from your address heading above by highlighting it, going into 'edit' and copying it).

2.  To insert that GIF into your post, click on 'insert other media' icon.

3.  Select the 'insert image from URL' option.   Onscreen you should get a smaller window asking for your URL image.

4.  Click your 'edit' icon in your toolbar for the 'paste' icon to appear.

5.  Click on 'paste' into the waiting URL image.


That should do it.   Good luck! 


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