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Marvel's DS9 comic book series

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As far as the DS9 comic series produced by Marvel in the 90s goes, I only know that the whole run was supposed to occur in the fourth and fifth seasons of the TV show. But does anyone know when the stories took place relative to the TV episodes? Hope someone can help.

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I haven't read this particular series, so I ended up just seeking out information on each issue. Some of them just seem to be numbers thrown in randomly. 

"Judgement Day" - 49236.3 (after "Rejoined")
"Judgement Day, the Conclusion!" - 49237.1 (Between "Rejoined" and "Starship Down")
"The Cancer Within, Part I"
"The Cancer Within, Part II"
"The Shadow Group"
"Risk, Part I" - 49924.6 (Between "The Quickening" and "Body Parts")
"Risk, the Conclusion" - 49354.9 (Between "The Sword of Kahless" and "Our Man Bashir")
"Public Enemies, Private Lives" - 50444.1  (Between "The Darkness and the Light" and "The Begotten")
"Public Enemies, Private Lives, Conclusion" - 50579.8 (Between "For the Uniform" and "In Purgatory's Shadow, Part I")
"Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom"
"Four Funerals and a Wedding"
"Command Decisions" * - 50796.2 (Between "Soldiers of the Empire" and "Children of Time")
"Day of Honor" * - 50796.2
"Nobody Knows the Tribbles I've Seen"
"Requiem in Obsidian"  - 50810.3 (Between Soldiers of the Empire" and "Children of Time") 


* - Command Decisions & Day of Honor were part of a 6 issue miniseries called "The Telepathy War"

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