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Note to everybody:

Please don't re-post any new threads about the Star Trek cast taking a stand against Donald Trump.

First off, the same topic has been started several times this week (most recently today) and the latter two threads have been merged into an existing Donald Trump thread in our Kobayashi Maru section, where it belongs.   It's too controversial to go into our regular section, despite being a Star Trek topic. 

We may get a bit political now and then in our regular threads, but we try to reserve any deliberately controversial topic discussions (politics, religion, etc) for our Kobayashi Maru section, where anyone can post as long as they accrue at least 200 posts.



~Sehlat Vie (occasionally grumpy but lovable Vulcan house pet...:P ). 

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Our new member Raul is having issues with our Trekcore blu ray captions; I'll cut-and-paste his queries here:

I hope that this have not already been asked. Looking in Trekcore for TOS Screencaps, I'm not able anymore to find the Bluray gallery, but only the DVD version. Seems to me that they have been removed. Is that true? Will they be available again in future?

Did I missed something?


The link you posted is for the DVD screencaps, not for the BluRay ones. The BluRay ones are not available anymore to the public...

For instance this is the link for DVD's screencaps for "Amok time DVD", googling I can still found BluRay's Screencaps link on TrekCore for "Amok Time Blue Ray". but as I said there are no more public links on the TrekCore...

Now, I tried accessing the blu ray caps in my board and they came up okay.  :S

Does anyone smarter than me (that's a huge pool there) have an answer to Raul's question about the blu ray caps in Trekcore?   Just curious... 

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