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Within the Omega Sector exists a forum titled simply 'Kobayashi Maru'. This forum is designated for discussion and debate of the more contentious issues of the world around us all. It also bares the motto 'On-line Debate: the ultimate no-win scenario' speaking of it's namesake from Star Trek II, and how that simulation was no-win. This forum is hidden from public view, and access may only be gained by registered members.

Access is automatically granted to those members who have 200+ posts. Should a member with access wish to have their access removed, a Private Message (PM) request must be sent to any one of the three board admins. Those three are of course myself, Adam, or Virogen in no specific order (except Mike being last, that's on purpose :P )

It should be noted that entry to Kobayashi Maru should not be undertaken lightly, but with a dose of caution. Debate forums are contentious at best, and often stir emotions strongly. It can be a dangerous place for those who are easily offended, insulted, or seek to knowingly cause such offense. Anyone viewed to be present for the sole purpose of causing contention will be expelled from that specific forum, promptly.

This informational post will remain pinned for the foreseeable future.

Amended by Adam, 7/3/2008

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