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How Star Trek influenced real technology

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Not dubious imho. People became engineers and worked extra hard because of Star Trek. The cell phone would have existed, but perhaps it might have been a year or so later, and maybe it wouldn't have been a flip phone. We'll have to agree to disagree.

I agree.

Even if they work differently (a communicator is more a walkie-talkie, a mobile/cell is more of a networking device), one can still draw inspiration (even directly so) from the other. But to discredit ST's contribution altogether seems a bit shortsighted. If Cooper (the inventor of the flip-design phone) says ST inspired him? I take him at his word.

Now, if he never saw ST or if he never applied his inspiration to his design? It's very possible the aesthetics of the flip phone might've never seen the light of day and we'd have just gone from '80s brick phones to gradually smaller versions with no 'flip phone' detour...

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