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STAR TREK Into Darkness "Soundtrack" Question

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I was wondering if anyone could help with a Question Regarding the soundtrack of "Into Darkness".

While Watching the movie, there were 3 scenes that featured "Source Music"

1, Kirk with the 2 Cat girls (it sounded that maybe it was the Beastie Boys again???, but not really Sure.)

2, Kirk in Bar with Pike

3, Scotty in Night Club (Penelope Austin Did the track "The Dark Collide" for the Australian Market)

I have heard that JJ has chosen "Local Artists" (5 Different Artists, I think) to feature their music in the Night Club scene, so that when the Movie is shown in those Countries, you will get the song & Artist that is relevant to your area of the world. I Know Penelope Austin has done the Track "The Dark Collide" for Australia (But that was not the song I heard here in the UK)

I was wondering if anybody might know what the Songs that featured in the movie are? That is the first 2 + the 5 different tracks for the Night Club Scene, I would be most grateful if anyone could let me know.

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After Searching the Net I have found out what most of the "Source Music" Songs are:-

1, Kirk with the 2 Cat girls - "Body Movin' (Fat Boy Slim Remix)" by "The Beastie Boys"

2, Kirk In Bar with Pike - " Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven" by "Albert King"

3, Scotty In Night Club - USA Market "The Growl" by "Conway"

UK Market "The Rage That's In Us All" by "Bo Bruce"

Mexico Market "Noches Estridentes" by "Roxana"

Australia Market "The Dark Collide" by "Penelope Austin"

I think there is a least one more for the "Scotty Night Club Scene" But not sure what Country. Japan? Russia? maybe? If anybody knows please could you share the info. You can find these on Youtube, some are "behind the scenes/the making of" sort of things.

many thanks.

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