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Ultimately Human: October 2011

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I've been unusually forgetful this month...

I think releasing the 45th anniversary edition of Ultimately Human a week early last month must have totally thrown off my rhythm or something. Because then I forgot this months Rare Photos until somebody reminded me, and now I forgot to do UH on time as well! Eek! Anywhom... it's 5 in the AM and I'm still awake because I'm a little bit loony tunes, as one might have guessed...

My Favorites:

2nd Row, Center: J.G. Hertzler played Martok for seasons 4 through 7 of Deep Space 9, but did you know he was the Vulcan captain of the Saratoga in the series pilot? He also did one-off guest spots on Voyager and Enterprise later.

3rd Row, Left: Is there such a thing as a bad photo of Leonard Nimoy? Seriously?

5th Row, Center: I never liked Ezri Dax, but even I think Nicole deBoer is pretty hot in this photo. And unlike Jolene Blalock, she can do 'hot' without having to be almost nude!

6th Row, Left: Who knew the Female Founder (Salome Jens) had such great gams?? Certainly not I!

Which Ones Are Your Favorite? Tell Me or I'll... I'll... Make a Vague and Unspecified Threat that's Meaningless!

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