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Captain Rachel Garrett

Varekai's short fics

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I'm taking a brief hiatus from my current fanfiction, partly because I have writer's block and can't seem to finish them at the moment.

However, I've had some ideas floating around in my head for a while, and decided to put them down here. These will probably be left unfinished, but it's just to fill in the times when I'm not writing my main fanfiction. I just need it to get my creative juices flowing.

I'll probably have some posted tomorrow.

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It's a neat idea. I started doing The Odin Voyages because I wanted to write about a whole load of things I couldn't in my main fic for one reason or another, as well as to better myself as a writer. :)

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Ficlets are actually harder to write than entire stories sometimes! It's great that you've come up with some! :thumbsup2: I tend to write a lot of them as well, especially when I'm not in the mood for a lengthy story.

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I think all of us have done this at some point or another. I had one stretch of time when I didn't do any work on my main fic at all for about 3 months. I just wrote little things here and there. Sometimes, I wouold just go back over old stories and just read them.

And yes, ficlets can be annoying to write, Mrs. P. lol My last try at a ficlet was about 6 pages. lol

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Just a warning though: some of these may contain some crude humor and mild language, and most likely out-of-character behavior.

Some of them are going to focus on canon characters too. There will probably be a few that are going to be spinoffs of my original fanfic.

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No worries, anything goes as long as it ain't NC-17 rated! (I dislike that rule myself, but really, we can't have that here, not on a family board.) :thumbsup2:

Canon character ficlets - me likes muchly! :thumbsup2:

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nothing wrong w ficlets, Vare, if you can do 'em! (that's my problem--i seem to be no longer capable of anything short! haha)

would there be any way we could have an adult Fan Trek subforum, locked for adult members only? invisible except for members/being signed in and you would have to have x number of posts and to provide an age statement to be allowed into it?

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The Holodeck, USS Enterprise-D

Holoprogram: Medieval China

The Jasmine Dragon was particularly busy this afternoon. Refugees from the southern provinces had come to the Imperial City in search of a new life, following the events of a disastrous earthquake. The sound of pipas and flutes were drowned out by the babble of customers.

A young scholar was seated - or more precisely, was kneeling - at a table on the second story of the establishment, a bowl of rice in one hand, a pair of chopsticks in the other. The scholar took a few bites before setting the bowl back down again. No point appearing rude before the other patrons. This people in this place and time demanded a strict code of conduct; even table manners were an indication of one's status.

A tall, slender figure joined the scholar across the table. The scholar smiled.

"Lieutenant Hernandez," the newcomer said. "You wanted to see me?"

"Shh! Don't call me Hernandez, Lieutenant! It's Wen Shu here."

"All right then, Wen Shu. What was so important that you had to call me out of my quarters for this?"

The so-called scholar removed her cap, revealing a head of dark brown, almost black hair tied in a ponytail. "Lynn and I want you to join us," she said. "She said it would be more fun if we had someone else who's got some skills in the martial arts."

The other lieutenant shook her head. "Aikido isn't Chinese."

"No, but it should make for an interesting fight scene," Hernandez said. "Lynn's Praying Mantis and my wushu are all well and good, but we thought your Aikido would make a good addition."

The lieutenant rolled her eyes. "Why don't you just ask Worf to join you? He's got more spare time than I do. And besides, I'd look out-of-place in a place like this," she said pointing out the Asiatic patrons.

"Oh, come on, chief! They're holograms, I don't think they'd notice. Come to think of it, Worf would look even more out-of-place."

"I've got duties, Hernandez. You'll have to ask someone else."

Hernandez's shoulders dropped. So much for showing the chief the holoprogram...even that didn't convince her! "But I don't think this is something Worf would enjoy..."

Suddenly, one of the patrons started shouting. The customers at the table next to Hernandez's stood up and approached him. The patron sounded very excited.

"Excuse me for a second, chief," Hernandez said as she stood to hear what the patron had to say.

"The Jade Tiger has been sighted! He lives!"

Some of the customers applauded.

"What's going on?" the lieutenant asked.

Hernandez smiled. "Oh, it's just some character that Lynn and I wrote into the holoprogram. He's supposed to be like a Robin Hood character."

"Oh. I see. Is he supposed to be the villain or something?"

"Not really," Hernandez said. "Lynn and I have been toying with the idea that he comes and rescues us from some bad guys...we haven't decided what to do with him yet."

"Interesting. Has he..."

Lieutenant Yar, report to the bridge.

Captain Picard's voice broke through the holographic babble of the Jasmine Dragon.

"Sorry, Hernandez. Duty calls." Lieutenant Yar stood to leave.

"Just let me know if you want to join us again," Hernandez said.

Edited by Varekai

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Oh, well just send them to KM board! :thumbsup2:

No. There are explicit rules here in the Fan Trek section that state that no NC-17 rated fan fiction is to be posted anywhere on this board. That also includes KM.

nothing wrong w ficlets, Vare, if you can do 'em! (that's my problem--i seem to be no longer capable of anything short! haha)

would there be any way we could have an adult Fan Trek subforum, locked for adult members only? invisible except for members/being signed in and you would have to have x number of posts and to provide an age statement to be allowed into it?

Anyone can sign an age statement... it's just that we'd be basically allowing pr0n in written form, which is something the moderators and admins have discussed already and decided not to do.


Now, Varekai, on to your ficlet! Loved the whole setting! Yay for Tasha kicking butts on the holodeck! I've always wanted to know more about her cool programs! Hehe.

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Chapter 1

Lieutenant's personal log, Stardate 41403.2

The Enterprise is headed to a system bordering Cardassian space. I cannot seem to recall the planet's name, but all I do know is that the Enterprise had made first contact with the planet's natives, a mysterious race called the Modaiin, hardly a month before I was assigned to her. Lt. Yar remembers the people well; they are a deeply spiritual and highly superstitious people, and a some of them had mistaken the Enterprise's away team for gods. But that misconception was soon cleared up, and since then they have been on good terms with the Federation. However, recent events on the planet have caused civil unrest, as the Cardassians, a race we are barely acquainted with, are trying to gain control of it. Captain Picard and Lt. Yar will be leading an away team to help resolve the problem when we reach our destination.

I, Marianna Hernandez, still feel new to this. Being a tactical officer, it feels odd having a woman as the chief of security. But then again, this is the same ship that has a Klingon as a member of its crew...that being said, anything is possible. I am still trying to get used to my new work shift; I am now working in the 'morning' hours rather than the 'evening' hours. I'm under the impression that the chief knows I'm not a morning person...either she's doing this to get me used to being up at the worst possible times (should an emergency rise), or she's doing this to weed out the officers who are not cut out for the job. Either way, Lieutenant Natasha Yar is one tough woman.

Lt. Jg. Lin Bei-Fong and I have been developing a holoprogram where we would be able to practice our martial arts together, while at the same time immerse ourselves in the culture from which our martial arts originated. We have been trying to "recruit" other members of the crew to participate, but so far, we only have three others: Ensign Patel from Engineering, Ensign Hollis from Sciences, and Lt. Shay from Tactical. But even they don't frequent our holoprogram as much as we want. So it's just the two of us most of the time. It was then that Lynn suggested that I try to get Lt. Yar to join us. She had told me that Lt. Yar was an adept at martial arts, particularly Aikido. I was hesitant to ask her at first, partly because Aikido is not a Chinese martial art (it originated in Japan), and partly because she rarely uses the holodeck for anything other than training. Needless to say, she declined my offer yesterday, despite showing it to her...perhaps I chose the wrong 'chapter' to set our meeting in. Maybe I could have snared her interest more if I set up a fight scene or something...or maybe even introduce her to the Jade Tiger, a character whom Lynn and I are still trying to develop. The Jade Tiger seemed to pique her interest when he was mentioned at our encounter. I would not get my hopes up too high, though; she kept saying she had duties...

Lt. Hernandez's door chime beeped softly. She promptly saved her log entry. "Enter," she said.

Lt. Jg. "Lynn" Lin Bei-Fong stepped into Hernandez's quarters. She was a short, skinny Asian woman from the Sciences division, and Hernandez's good friend.

"I knew I'd find you here," Lynn said. "Did you show Lt. Yar the holoprogram?"

"I did," Hernandez answered. "I showed her the Jasmine Dragon restaurant."

"And?" Lynn asked, her eyes shining with excitement.

"She, um..." Hernandez ran a hand through her hair. How to put this? "Well, she said she was too busy for it."

"But...?" Lynn asked. "You don't seem so sure, Macha."

"Well, she seemed adamant about not doing it, until one of the customers brought up the Jade Tiger. She perked up when I said he was like a Chinese Robin Hood."

"We should invite her to come see it again. Show her some fighting skills," Lynn said. "Who knows, maybe she'll change her mind after she sees you beat up some of the emperor's soldiers."

Hernandez laughed. "You know you'll be helping me, Lynn."

"I know," Lynn said. "I can't let you hog all the fun...Wen Shu."

"Lin Bei-Fong," Hernandez said. "You're so lucky you don't need to change your name for this."

"I know," Lynn said, grinning. "I wonder what kind of a name Lt. Yar will have if she decides to join us..."

"Oh, probably something Wu-something."

"I don't think she'll like that name--"

Lt. Hernandez, please report to the Observation Lounge for mission briefing.

Hernandez grinned excitedly as Lt. Yar's voice came over the comm system. She tapped her comm badge. "On my way, chief," she said.

"Go get her," Lynn said, grinning mischievously.


"I will be accompanying the captain and a few of the senior officers for an away team when we arrive at the Modaiin homeworld in two days," Lt. Yar said to her tactical team as she briefed them on their upcoming mission. "If circumstances start going downhill, there will be a chance that we may have to take some refugees on board. The Cardassians are said to be violent and merciless. Should the situation arise, we will be needed to get any refugees to safety. We will need two teams to accomplish this; I will lead one, and Lt. Shay will lead the other. Any questions?"

Lt. Yar dismissed the tactical team. As Hernandez stood to leave, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Lieutenant Hernandez," Lt. Yar said. She lowered her voice slightly and said, "Are you using the holodeck later?"

"I was thinking about it. Why?"

Lt. Yar smiled slightly. "I hope you don't mind if I join you," she said.

"No, actually I don't mind. Lynn will be joining me this evening too, same time. She keeps nagging me to get more people to join us."

"I thought I'd give your holoprogram another did say there were martial arts involved, did you not?"

"Yes, I did," Hernandez said. Then an idea struck her. "And if you'd like," she whispered, "I could arrange for you to meet the Jade Tiger while we're at it." She thought she saw the chief blush slightly.

"I'll see you then, Hernandez. You're dismissed."

Hernandez tried to contain her excitement as she made her way down the hall to the turbolift. She waited for the turbolift doors to close before doing a little victory dance. Lynn's going to be so excited!!

"Is something wrong, Lieutenant?"

Hernandez stopped short. The turbolift doors had opened, and Lt. Cdr. Data had stepped inside. Hernandez immediately composed herself, but was blushing profusely in embarrassment. "No, nothing's wrong, sir...Deck 7."

"You do not seem so certain," Data said.

Hernandez hastily stepped off when the turbolift finally reached Deck 7. "Oh, I'm certain," she said as she walked away as quickly as she could. She hoped Data would not tell anyone he saw her dancing in the turbolift for no apparent reason. She headed for Lynn's quarters and barged in.

"Ever considered using the door chime?" Lynn asked irritably.

"She says count her in," Hernandez said, grinning.

Edited by Varekai

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I like the sound of Yar beaming down to a planet with Jean-Luc. ;)

What I also like is that you brought Hernandez to life... if I remember correctly, that was the role Marina Sirtis was supposed to play, the chief of security or something...? My memory is kinda sketchy, though...

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So the Cardassians are up to their usual tricks. I just hope they all get time to get stuck in and have a few chapters of fun on the holodeck before the serious stuff starts.

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@Mrs. Picard: Yes, indeed it was the role she was supposed to play...until she and Denise Crosby switched roles. I thought I'd pay a little homage to that. ;)

From Memory-Alpha:

The original casting call for Natasha Yar, from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, stated the following:

LT. Macha Hernandez - 26 year old woman of unspecified Latin descent who serves as the starship's security chief. She is described as having a new quality of conditioned-body-beauty, a fire in her eyes and muscularly well developed and very female body, but keeping in mind that much of her strength comes from attitude. Macha has an almost obsessive devotion to protecting the ship and its crew and treats Capt. Picard and Number One as if they were saints.

Originally, Marina Sirtis auditioned for this role, while Crosby read for Deanna Troi. Gene Roddenberry decided that each would be better as the other's character, and Macha's description was altered to reflect Crosby's blonde looks.

I kind of tweaked my Hernandez character so she's around 24-ish, and looks up to Tasha as an big sister, because she's the only other girl on the security team.

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Oh I like where you got the Hernandez character from Varekai. I also like these ficlets that appear to also build towards an anthology of sorts exploring Hernandez for one and of course giving us another chance to see Yar in the mix with the Ent-D crew. The martial arts/Robin Hood holoprogram might just have enough going for it to intrigue Yar - added bonus of being a training program too. Good stuff.

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Chapter 2

The Holodeck, USS Enterprise-D

Holoprogram: Medieval China

Firecrackers exploded over the Imperial City, blossoming into showers of red, green and gold overhead. People gasped and applauded at the spectacular sight. A great dragon swirled its way down the main thoroughfare. Lion dancers and acrobats pranced up and down the streets, leaping and bounding as they entertained the crowds.

A lone figure on horseback barreled through the throng of spectators, searching for someone. The beat of the festival drums pounded in her ears as her brilliant blue eyes swept the crowd for a familiar face. She stood still for a moment before spurring her horse further. Her head was covered to conceal her fair hair; she had come a long way in search of destiny...

At length, the woman spotted a certain scholar standing off to the side, away from the crowds and noises of the parade. She dismounted and approached him...or actually, her.

"There you are, Hernandez," Lt. Yar said, smirking. "I thought I recognized that outfit of yours."

Lt. Hernandez turned around and smiled. "Glad to see you've made it, Tasha," she said.

"Where's Lynn?"

"She's in here somewhere," Hernandez said. "She and I got here at the same time, then she just up and disappeared. My character is supposed to meet hers further up in one of the inner districts of the city. She's supposed to be a member of the royal family. My character is supposed to be a scholar seeking a position on the Imperial Court, and her character has been helping me..."

"So, your characters are...hey, wait a second! Back up," Tasha said. "You said you practice your martial arts you?"

"Yes, we do. It's just part of what we do here." She noticed Tasha's incredulous expression. "What, you think we made this holoprogram for just training purposes? If we wanted just training, we could have just used one of yours."

Tasha sighed. Hernandez did have a point.

"I'm sure you'd like to explore the city a bit? Maybe had a closer look at the Imperial Palace?" Hernandez asked. "Lynn put a lot of work into writing this part of the program..."

The two of them mounted their horses and proceeded to follow the main road. Hernandez noticed Lt. Yar glancing suspiciously at the crowds as they passed by.

"Where's that restaurant you had me visit yesterday?" Tasha asked.

"It's in the outer district, in the...ahem, not-so-wealthy part of the Imperial City," Hernandez said. "Did you notice how crowded it was? Those were refugees from the southern provinces. They've been heading north to look for a better life."

Tasha glanced at a suspicious-looking ragtag group of people standing in the shadows. "I doubt it would be any better here," she said. "These big cities can be home to some unsavory characters..."

"Oh, you don't need to worry about that," Hernandez assured Tasha. "Lynn made sure to keep city violence at a bare minimum..." Her voice trailed off. She wasn't quite sure if Lynn really did set those configurations. Lynn was determined to make this holoprogram as realistic as possible, being the perfectionist she was...

"Well, you never know," Tasha said. She looked back. Those people were gone. Something was up. Tasha pulled her horse's reins and began to follow down one of the side streets.

"Hey!" Hernandez shouted as Tasha changed course. "Where are you going? I thought we were heading for the palace!"

"Change of plans," Tasha said. She reached the street corner and promptly dismounted. "Hold my horse for me," she ordered.

"Tasha, what are you doing?"

"Shh!" Tasha handed Hernandez her reins. "Stay out of sight. I just saw some guys a few seconds ago. There's something going on here, and I don't like it."

"They could just be..."

"Shush!" Tasha crouched down and ran her hands along the dirt on the shoulders of the pavement. "They went down this way."

Hernandez dismounted her horse. "What are you doing?" she hissed.

"Oh, just shut up," Tasha snapped. "I'm trying to track them." She stood and drew her gaze toward a wooden sign hanging from one of the buildings. "Can you read Chinese?" she asked.

"Just a little, but not enough to know what that sign says," Hernandez answered. "And who's 'them'"?

Tasha stepped back to have a better look at the building. "Stay here a minute, I'll be right back." She walked in, leaving Hernandez alone with the horses. A few minutes later, she came back out, looking rather satisfied.

"It's an inn," she said. "They offered to take care of the horses while we..."

"Since when do you call the shots here, Chief?" Hernandez snapped. "This is mine and Lynn's holoprogram, not yours!"

"I'm sorry! I just got carried away! Those people I saw while we were walking by earlier, they're up to something!"

Hernandez rolled her eyes. "Oh, and did you even bother to ask the innkeeper who those guys were?"

"Yes, actually I did!"


"The innkeeper said he didn't know anything about them, but I think he's hiding something."

Hernandez sighed in exasperation. "Can't this wait? Lynn's probably waiting for us up at the Imperial Palace, and you're all caught up in your little--"

Tasha suddenly clamped a hand over Hernandez's mouth. "You hear that?" She let go and sneaked over to the edge of the corner. As she did so, someone ran past, shoving her aside.


Three other men ran past.

"It's them."


"I don't know what you're talking about!"

A girl's voice could be heard at the end of an alleyway. Some soldiers had cornered her and began to yell and berate her.

"Don't lie to us, girl. Your father owes us thirty pieces of silver."

"But we don't have that kind of money! I swear!"

One of the men grabbed the girl's hair. She shrieked in pain as he jerked her upright. "Don't you lie to us, missie. Your father is behind in his taxes, AND he owes us personally."

Another man grabbed her arm and said, "Or maybe we should just take you as payment instead--OW!!"

Someone had thrown a rock at him. "Who's there?" he shouted, drawing his sword.

"You call yourselves imperial soldiers?" a voice said. "I suppose that makes your emperor nothing more than a common thug."

"How dare you insult the emperor, stranger! Who are you? Show yourself!" one of the soldiers shouted.

"The emperor starves us..." the girl said, before one of the men slapped her.

Lt. Yar stepped from the shadows.

"Well, well," one of the soldiers said. "A foreigner. Kill him."

One of the taller soldiers charged forward, his sword drawn. He moved to attack, but Lt. Yar was too fast for him. She ducked as he swung his sword toward her head. A few well-placed kicks and punches brought him down. The other two stared, stunned that a skinny, unarmed person could bring down an armed soldier. Then they charged, drawing their weapons.

Tasha was outnumbered. She threw a nasty punch at one of them but ended up getting grabbed from behind.

"Hernandez!" She shouted as she struggled to get free. "I mean, Wei...Wen..." she managed to kick one of her attackers, sending him stumbling backwards. "Oh never mind..." She twisted her body around and put her other attacker into an arm lock. She struck him across the neck and the back of his head, knocking him out cold. Her first attacker had gotten to his feet and was about to attack her with his sword again...

...but he never reached her. He suddenly yelped in pain, fell forward, and landed flat on his face.


"Stay where you are," a voice said. "Don't move."

Tasha stood her ground. Somebody else was here with them.

"Hernandez?" Tasha heard something whistling through the air past her, a split second later, the other two soldiers cried out in pain and went flying into the wall behind them. Tasha turned around and saw they both had tiny stiletto knives buried in their throats.

She blinked in shock. Who...? She heard something land on the ground a few meters away from her, then footsteps.

"Are you all right?" a man's voice said.

Tasha turned to face the person who had spoken to her. "I'm fine, but that girl over there..." she heard someone rush past, barely making any noise. She heard his voice again, this time, speaking to the girl who was cowering in the corner of the alleyway. Tasha realized the man was not speaking to her, but to the victim. She approached the two of them cautiously.

"Actually, that one saved me," the girl said, motioning toward Tasha. The second figure turned, stood and faced her.

"I see you are a skilled fighter," he said. "But I have not seen you here in the Imperial City before. Who are you, and what land do you come from?"

Tasha now had a good look at this mysterious figure. He was dressed completely in dark gray, except the upper half of his face was covered with a mask resembling that of a cat.

Or a tiger.

"Well, hello there, Jade Tiger!" Lt. Hernandez's voice came around the corner. "You must forgive my friend here. She's from lands far to the west."

"She?" the Jade Tiger asked.

Tasha rolled her eyes and removed her head covering.

"Ah, you have come a very long way," the Jade Tiger said.

"She seeks an audience with the emperor," Hernandez said. "I myself am headed there."

"May the gods guide your journey well, both of you," the Jade Tiger replied. "The emperor and his family are not people to be trifled with."

"Xie xie, Jade Tiger," Hernandez said, bowing deeply to him.

"Until we meet again." The Jade Tiger motioned behind the two women. Tasha turned to see what he was pointing to. She turned around to find he had disappeared.


"So what do you think?"

Tasha readjusted her head cloth, trying to hide her blond hair better this time.

"He's very..." she shrugged. "Well, kind of stiff."

"Stiff?" Hernandez asked.

"Well, I was kind of expecting him to be a little more dashing," Tasha said. "He doesn't seem all that exciting."

"What?! He threw a bunch of knives at those soldiers! His aim is deadly accurate..."

"He didn't even put up a fight."

"Well, you didn't catch him at his best, Tasha."

"And what's with the mask? Is that really necessary?"

"Now see here, Chief. Lynn and I are still trying to develop his character a little more."

"I can probably do better," Tasha said.

"What? No, Tasha, you haven't even seen the good part yet! It gets better! Seriously!"

"What's taking you two so long?"

Lt. Bei-Fong had appeared out of nowhere while Tasha and Hernandez had been arguing. She was wearing a resplendently embroidered robe and a frown.

"The chief got sidetracked," Hernandez said. "Oh, and she's not pleased with..."

All away-team personnel please report to the Observation Lounge for mission briefing.

Hernandez's shoulders dropped in frustration. No, no! Not now!

"Sorry, Hernandez," Tasha said. "We'll have to do this some other time."

"But.....wait, did you just say 'some other time?' Does that mean you'll join us again?"

The Imperial City streets disappeared, leaving grid lined walls in its place.

"Yes, but you girls need to promise me one thing."

Hernandez nodded. She did not want to lose another chance to do this with the chief.

"Come about an hour later than you usually do. I have things to do after my shift ends."

The two younger lieutenants agreed. Hernandez hastily apologized to Lynn and followed Tasha down the hall to the observation lounge.

Edited by Varekai

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LOL Yar doing exactly what was NOT expected of her by going after the strangers was REALLY totally like her. *snicker* Good work!

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Thanks! :) But I think I might have to revise it a bit, because some of it just doesn't feel right. I've been having an on-and-off writer's block over this, and I've spent the last week trying to finish that chapter. So I might have to go back and fix a few things. I don't know yet. I'm not completely satisfied with this chapter, to be honest.

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