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Posting YouTube Videos

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Just a quick post to explain a neat-o burrito feature we have around here.

If you've got a YouTube (only YouTube; other video streaming sites won't work) video you want to share, you can embed the video in your post.

To do so, grab the link to the video.


From that, take the end section after the equal sign: wbC4KkAUiL8

Place it between the BB code tags like you see below...

^^ It Should Look Exactly Like This. Unlike other BB code, these require being on one continuous horizontal line. Breaking it up will render it inoperative.

^^ Will Not Work.[/s]

:alert::alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert:

[color=#FF0000][b][size=7]EDIT: See the July update below![/size][/b][/color]

Edited by Sam

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UPDATE - July 2009

With the new board upgrade comes a new way of embedding YouTube clips.

Now all you have to do is click on the Insert Media button media.png and then paste the entire YouTube URL of the video you want to embed.


You can do it using the BB code yourself by typing the Media code and then pasting the URL of the video you want:


Simple :)

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