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  1. What's your Personality Disorder Test

    Disorder Rating Information Paranoid: Moderate more info | forum Schizoid: Moderate more info | forum Schizotypal: Low more info | forum Antisocial: Low more info | forum Borderline: Low more info | forum Histrionic: Low more info | forum Narcissistic: Low more info | forum Avoidant: Low more info | forum Dependent: Low more info | forum Obsessive-Compulsive: Low more info | forum mm... I guess thats me, or is it...of course it is. is it??? Oh crikey i'm doing it again!!!!!!!!!
  2. Janeway

    I am sorry but theres something about her voice that just says, make it husker!!!!! I will leave how up to you!!!
  3. Opening Up Kobayashi Maru

    The thing about this forum is that it is "no gloves" scenario and most people when faced with the ultimate put down in something they believe will react badly. The precautions in place are wise and to ensure that it remains a forum for serious debate and not just "hell i will post this just to wind XXXX up" I never thought the process to be dracoian or over sensory i thought the policy of being approved was a wise one. In the past i have seen posts i do not agree with but that is part of the forum, thus ensuring that the expression of free will is still maintained whilst elimanating those who would deliberately cause harm, Think about it.
  4. Fix the World

    Go on, the title says it all how would you change the world today?
  5. Caption Contest 4 - voting

    Man i missed this!! Good captions and good still. TREKCORE ROCKS!!! Love you all (only when its cold!! LOL)
  6. Apologies

    DAXY!!! Hey babe hows it going???
  7. Hi all

    Welcome Aboard !! Enjoy the chat and goss here on Trekcore - always number one for all things Trek!

  9. Apologies

    LOL Thanks Adam, its good to be back man.
  10. Roadside Craters in New Mexico

    Nothing new since the most popular theory re the exstinction of the dinosaurs is due to on HUGE metorite hitting the Mexican Gulf, it stands to reason in mathematical theory that one hit will utiltmately result in another!!!
  11. Do you own anything special, rare or unique?

    A picture signed by one of the last living survivors of RMS Titanic. Needless to say the picture aint here!!!
  12. Apologies

    Dear fellow members, i am sorry i have been away for so long, combination of financial and computer failure kept me away from my beloved Trekcore. A few questions 1. Anyone remember me (i was always crap at the chat quizzes but gave my best) 2. Wots new? 3. Anyone bored with this post yet??
  13. Favorite class of naval vessel (or wessel :p )

    Currently its the Vanguard class Nuc Sub, limited unfortunately because politics (expenses) comes into the picture.
  14. And HD DVD is dead...

    Man I am happy that Blu ray won, but get this, my new VAIO laptop (Sony) is HD compliant but NOT blu ray so if i want to watch something on blu ray i have to either get PS3 (another sony product) or a blu ray player (any guesses as to who makes those) Talk about having you over a barrel...................
  15. Rate this DS9 character: Ezri Dax

    I HATED that DAX! Loved the original and no one else!!!!!!!!!!!