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  1. Music Club 26

    Thanks, Mr P. I will still be on LJ, so I hope we still keep in contact.
  2. Music Club 26

    This week's selection is by Mr. Picard. Erasure - Love To Hate You By the way, I've decided that I will taking a sustained absence from the site (not just this website) in order to concentrate on other things. If you want to see the Music Club continue and would be interested in taking over, please PM me. I will be around for a few days to check messages, but then I'll be off. TTFN
  3. Star Trek Icon challenge November 2011 "Purple"

    I entered this contest, but if there is another, I won't be participating as I have grown tired of icon making now. Maybe it is best for a hiatus.
  4. It's That Time of Year...

    Haha I know what you mean. I go one step further, though - I don't put up ANYTHING. I'dprobably do the same if I lived on my own.
  5. 10 Days Of TNG

    For me, I just don't feel the TNG frienships that closely, if you know what I mean. Picard/Guinan is only the one that really touches me.
  6. The Kitty Thread

    I don't think he's going to get through.
  7. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    the secret millionaire
  8. Dix Jours Du DS9

    I, too, had considered that quote, bit like you, hate the episode, so didn't put it down.
  9. 10 Days Of TNG

    Picard and Guinan, of course, can't believe I forgot abut Guinan. That would be my favouritefriendship too.
  10. The Magnificent Ferengi

  11. Dix Jours Du DS9

    1. Season - 4 2. Episode - Rejoined 3. Season Cliffhanger - Call to Arms 4. Male character - Garak 5. Female character - Jadzia 6. Guest character - Dukat 7. Friendship - Jadzia and Kira 8. Romantic relationship - Until they got together it was Kira and Odo, but once they actually got together, I no longer liked it. 9. Ensemble moment - don't have one 10. Quote - don't have one