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  1. How many here play STO

    I just rolled a Starfleet Romulan. Should be interesting.
  2. Damn. Cant believe i turned 18 yesterday. I signed up here when i was about 12.

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    2. Sim


      Congrats, Data! :)

    3. Captain_Bravo


      18? 28? Damn kids...get off my lawn!

    4. DATA2007


      Lol i'm starting to feel really old now. Feel even older once this year of school is done. I used to have time to come here a lot more often when i first signed up.

  3. Damn. Cant believe i turned 18 yesterday. I signed up here when i was about 12.

  4. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the OS. Thats a great list
  5. Last Videogame You Played?

    I have to agree with that, its amaziing. I've played them for hours. I would love a Mass Effect MMO but with EAs last failure of one it wont ever happen. :/
  6. Woo back to OS. Left so i didn't risk running into spoilers Haha. Seen the new movie now and it was pretty awesome even if it is a cheap reboot.

  7. Last Videogame You Played?

    I've been playing Star Trek Online too and it's not too bad, but its very repetitive. It's the only problem... That and it needs a more personal story. I played Starcraft 2. I much prefer Star Trek Online, both are badly done though. In my previous post i was talking about the game in the new movie timeline Started the new Tomb Raider recently and now playing through Bleach Soul Resureccion. Woo for Anime games :D
  8. Last Videogame You Played?

    All i seem to be playing lately is Star Wars The Old Republic. Its a bad game thats lazily done and i dislike it. Not sure why i'm so addicted The new Star Trek game is pretty fun too even if the reviewers do give it a rating of 4 or whatever but we all know their paid to give the mainstream games a 9
  9. Civil Defense

    Ten. This is one of my top Star Trek episodes. I love everything about it although it was the first i saw. Everything about it was great, Quark and Odo stuck in the security office together, Lol. and the Garak/Dukat banter was well done. I feel like watching this again now.
  10. Last Videogame You Played?

    Just started Fallout New Vegas again. Hope i can finish it this time. Then i have Metal Gear rising to start :D
  11. What series have the best girls?

    I couldn't agree more. I really liked Wesley and Pulaski (Shes one of my favorite trek characters, period), they dont deserve all the hate they get.
  12. Damn i'm 17 now. This totally sucks. Cant believe i've been coming here so long. o.O

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      I have shoes older than you... (hee hee). ;-P

    2. DATA2007


      Thats crazy, i always replace mine after like 6 months :P

  13. Hello!

    Welcome to the OS
  14. Thoughts? I'm not too happy about it. Most will probably disagree with me but I really hate what he did with Star Trek but i did enjoy it, i hope he doesnt overdo it again and turn Star Wars into a generic sci fi action movie. He's done a pretty good job with other stuff so things could still be good. But i think thats killed my chances of going to see it. Not too long ago he said he WOULD NOT be directing it, now he has pretty much confirmed it. He's already said hes a huge Star Wars fan so it could mean disaster for the Trek reboot.
  15. Favorite Time-Related Episodes

    All the time Related Episodes are done really good. Most of them are among my favorite episodes. My 2 favorites would have to be Timeless and Endgame, followed by Relativity and Futures End. Just a couple of days ago i was thinking about watching Time and Time again, again.