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  1. Weird, just had to reset my password twice before it would let me even log in :S

  2. TrekMacros

    It's a theory that works :D
  3. So Facebook, the US Goverment (well, some senators), and also the UK Government are ALL against such practices with the governments investigation breaches of local laws by this practice...
  4. New development: Even Facebook themselves, known for dodgy privacy issues in the past (but to be fair have never advised anyone to tell someone else their password), have waded in on this one.
  5. Utterly disgusting practice, asking for PRIVATE login details that even Facebook themselves advise you don't give to anyone. I can't see any justification for this to be honest (I mean technically it'd mean they could post in your name and censor you, screw that!) and it'd certainly make me think twice about wanting to work for a company that asked for such things. To me it just makes this song more relevant and prophetic.
  6. Cardasssians In The TOS Days

    Oh yes, just seen the point about the XI Cardassian Sunrise... I think that was what shall be known as an Abrams Error.. and a rather schoolboy one at that. I think he was SO desperate to chuck in little homages that he threw in a whole bunch and most of them worked, but that one, Nokia 23rd Century and Bud Classic... kinda didn't. (For me, anyways)
  7. Cardasssians In The TOS Days

    To me it's not just possible, but extremely likely. I mean outside of Enterprise, even the Ferengi were almost unknown when we first saw them in TNG.
  8. Great stuff, really enjoyed that video and looking at the site
  9. When does Benny Russell live?

    Never realised Memory Alpha had a date on it, but then I checked on the page for the episode, not Benny's page. Good find, and seems to fit. MA is probably one of the more reliable sources for this kind of thing.
  10. longest Running T.v. & fantasy ,syfy shows

    Doctor Who actually IS the one you could best argue is the same show, but current versions of Power Rangers and Star Trek are spin-offs. It counts TNG, DS9 and VOY as different shows so why not all the versions of Power Rangers? Also, it turns out that no1 was essentially a short-lived soap, which explains why it had so many episodes.
  11. longest Running T.v. & fantasy ,syfy shows

    umm how is a show that started in 19 NINETY THREE (not 83 as the vid says) longer running than Doctor Who which started in the 60s... number of eps does NOT equate to 'long running'. Is Fawlty Towers considered short-lived at only 12 episodes? No. Also, Doctor Who has 753 eps according to this video, but Power Rangers is 'more long running' with 650? Music choice on this, dodgy as hell?
  12. How would you improve Voyager?

    and they got rid of Deanna's outfits, but her purpose was basically looking after crew morale and mental health. She wasn't made automatically the best at everything and the go-to girl like Seven was. Also she actually had personality and wasn't incredibly stiff.
  13. How would you improve Voyager?

    Exactly. Attention can be far too easy to get.
  14. How would you improve Voyager?

    It's a good point, but in Voyager it was done in the most overt and pointless way ever. At least other major characters that were sexualised had substance to go with it, I still see none of that with 7, also the others weren't shoved right in your face every single episode, the focus switched away from them more than once in a while.
  15. When does Benny Russell live?

    I'm not entirely sure, but I think a date does get shown on the cover of one of the magazines briefly in FBTS. Worth looking through the screencaps if there's enough of a close-up. Edit: Just had a quick look, couldn't see anything quite high-def enough but these seem to be the closest I could find. and here's a shot of cars etc Dunno if that helps.