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  1. Episode 1.8: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” Discussion Thread

    I got a real sense of Avatar from the planet and it’s beings. The transmitter even reminded me of Home Tree in a metaphorical sense.
  2. The Orville

    Ummmmm... If someone has never seen Star Trek, or any other SF TV for that matter, The Orville might be more fun. Plus + They have seat belts. Minuses- Almost every other derivative moment - AND - a penis joke in the first 6 minutes. I'm not a fan of Seth McFarlane so IO was expecting his level of sophomoric humor but the plot(?) was so lacking in originality that it was painful. I've got it set to DVR and I'll give it another couple of tries but I don't anticipate a long term relationship.
  3. The Orville

    Ummmm - Orville, anyone???
  4. Stranger Things - Spoilers?

    This is a complete out-of-left-field comment, but... Last night, I attended the Annual awards gala for Chapman University in our town of Orange, CA. There were two honorees: The Fowler family, notable for endowments to Chapman now in excess of $100,000,000 (yes, 100 Million) The Duffer brothers, 2007 graduates in film technologies for their creation and direction of Stranger Things. There was an awful lot of big money cruising around campus last night.
  5. The Orville

    Into the Fold was a strong character episode for Dr. Claire Finn and Isaac who owned the majority of the screen time. The Jr. High humor was at a very minimum in scenes back on the shop, not involving the two main characters. Isaac is obviously meant to be the show's Data analog and Claire is a generic responsible adult in the crew, but well played by PJJ. Still liking the show more than I wanted to.
  6. Another Visual from Another Show

    When discovery goes Black Alert and engages the spore drive, the outer hull ring rotates counter-clockwise like a turntable then the whole ship rotates rapidly around its longitudinal axis. Anybody else see a similarity to the machine in Contact? Those rings had masses circling the circumference, then the rings themselves began to spin as well. Interesting similarity IMHO.
  7. The Orville

    I must confess, I actually wanted The Orville to suck because I don't personally care for McFarlane's brand of Jr. High humor. That said, some of the episodes have been very good and Majority Rule was brilliant. As you guys above me have said, the parallel to our social media situation rang true on so many levels including food safety, GMO fears and popularity vs competence in almost everything. I had already watched it alone before seeing it again with the Lady Sho-Rin. Her reactions were very strong indicating that she was totally engaged with the story and its subtle horrors. 9,999,996.
  8. Digital Copy for PLEX Server

    OK, I have no idea what you're talking about or why it is in this particular forum. what do you really want to know?
  9. The Sir Patrick Stewart Topic

    Nice Panamera too.
  10. The Tardigrade with its spores raised a Dune memory of the navigators and their spice. Nice homage if intentional,. very serendipitous if not.
  11. The Orville

    Just watched Pria and was disappointed. It was terribly derivative and cliché ridden. Introduction of teleportation by Pria affirms that it doesn't exist in the Orville universe.
  12. CBS All Access

    And as the oldest SOB in the house, me three.
  13. Most disappointing Enterprise episode

    I know I'm the contrarian here but I enjoy everything about A Night In Sickbay. It is so far outside the regular storyline box that I take it as a wildly funny character study as if it took place in a dream state.
  14. The Orville

    S1, E4 If the Stars Should Appear Another worthy episode slightly marred by silly sexual banter. They discover a monster spaceship reminiscent in concept of Clarke's Rama with a civilization living inside believing it is the entire universe. Resolved too easily but still, an interesting effort. I'll keep watching.
  15. Hello from CA

    You've got a lot of CA neighbors here including Sehlat and me. Invite us over for wine & cheese, OK.
  16. The Orville

    Agreed. The very timely subject of gender identity/modification done with a good story and some very powerful acting. There was a bit of sophomoric humorearly in the ep but the meat of it was really solid.
  17. Cheap bastard that I am, I signed up for All Access last night. Definitely will be watching tonight.
  18. The Orville

    An article from Comicbook outlining some Star Trek Easter Eggs in The Orville. There's a promotional video on the page but strangely, it has no sound.
  19. The Orville

    I even groaned out loud at that (and I was alone last night). So many shallow pokes at TOS/TNG moments that I wish I'd kept a list.
  20. The Maybe-Im-Willing-to-Give-Enterprise-a-Second-Look Thread

    I fully understand the enthusiasm many have for Season 4 and its more TOS/TNG feel. Manny Coto brought a fresh, new shine to the show. That said, none of the season 4 characters are anywhere near the people we meet in season 1. As soon as I finish my re-watch of Babylon 5, ENT is next in line and trust me, I won's be skipping any of the episodes and will sing along with Faith of the Heart every damn time.
  21. The Maybe-Im-Willing-to-Give-Enterprise-a-Second-Look Thread

    I strongly disagree with starting at season 4. Yes, there are some of the best of ENT there, but you miss all of the growth in both the story arc and character development. Going back to S1 after completing S4 would short-change the whole story.
  22. The Maybe-Im-Willing-to-Give-Enterprise-a-Second-Look Thread

    ENT is my @2 favorite series, slightly behind TNG. The canon issues people raise are irrelevant to enjoying the great sense of discovery and extreme character development that mark the show. There are some silly episodes (Two Days and Two Nights), some emotionally moving episodes (like Carbon Creek) and some important ones (like the controversial Dear Doctor and Sim). Watch it with an open mind, or as Trip says, "Challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you."
  23. I just became a dad

    "And so it begins." Becoming a dad by any means is a giant leap of faith and courage. Here's wishing the three of you the most marvelous adventure mankind has to offer. Its like sky diving, but doing it every day.
  24. Enterprise Avatars

    Ohhh! Good stuff,
  25. Hola from Indy!

    Welcome to the party, its BYOB here, just so you know unless Sehlat's around. I'll be in Indy for several days next month so I'll wave in your general direction.