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  1. Just another guy's opinion but I put ENT in a close second after TNG in my favorites list. Conner did his best in Precious Cargo but that actress was a lost cause. She should have started out with cooking shows. Unlike Sehlat, I really like season 3 from start to finish and S4 is killer. If ENT had continued in that manner, it might have moved to my #1 position.
  2. He was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night.
  3. You'll find this to be a very broad-minded board with many different opinions but generally respectful discussion. Even the Kobayashi Maru forum is pretty comfortable, even if expressions are more robust. Here's hoping you enjoy the place.
  4. Moved to Introductions and Celebrations.
  5. Welcome to the party, next round's on you. Ales all around! As the oldest guy around, I witnessed some of TOS first run but was impossibly busy with University and work so only really got hooked by TNG. My order of preference is TNG, Enterprise, DS9, TOS and Voyager bringing up the rear. My apostasy is that I prefer Babylon 5 slightly above any of the Trek series. (Please be tolerant.) You'll see a lot of diverging opinions here, but this is probably the most agreeable forum around. Trolls don't last long at the Omega Sector.
  6. My impression was that the symbionts were genderless and only the memories of previous hosts carried any gender or sexual orientation information to the new host. Obviously, host candidates have to be prepared in advance for the disorientation that must come with any joining since they will inherit the past life or lives of the symbiont. It was never shown, but I'm betting there were usually long study sessions of those past lives of that planned symbiont for each new host. I wished at the time that there had been some exploration of the reproduction, birth and death cycle of the symbionts. In TNG, Riker seemed overwhelmed by his joining with the Odan symbiont, in part because he had no preparation time. The main impression shown was the symbiont's passion for Beverly.
  7. We left everything where it was so you could find it. Just needs a little dusting.
  8. We got together with our daughters and their husband/partner over the weekend to celebrate a belated Christmas at a rented AirBNB house in Lompoc, CA. Enjoyed a late breakfast Saturday morning and were just sitting and talking when, a few minutes before 10:00, the end of the world began. Well, not really. Turns out the house was just a few miles from Vandenberg Air Force Base and a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was launched carrying a payloads pf 10 Iridium communication satellites into polar orbit. We didn't know it was scheduled. We ran outside though and watched the rocket climb away and could hear the engines for more than 1 1/2 minutes. I've always wanted to experience a rocket launch and now I can check that off my bucket list.
  9. Title edited for clarity.
  10. Reading all the lists and commentary serves to highlight how little episodic television I have actually watched outside of the Trek universe. Here is about all that comes to mind Babylon 5 - still my favorite series of all time The West Wing - watched on Netflix within the last 5 years and really enjoyed the whole ride. Star Talk - Neil DeGrasse Tyson's TV show on National Geographic The Colbert Report - continuously brilliant satire by Stephen Colbert The Late Show - Latter day Colbert Rachel Maddow - progressive political commentary. I actually stopped watching within the last couple of years because of her irritating repetitiveness. Twilight Zone - still haven't seen all episodes Grace and Frankie - current Netflix series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin There may be more but nothing leaps off the keyboard.
  11. Best wishes for the holiday season, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Solstice or whatever you may celebrate. Then comes the New year and hopes and fears for everybody.
  12. Welcome home, Madam. Yep, most of the regular suspects are still around in various degrees. Like you, I found Garak to be one of the most intriguing characters on DS9. He could light up any episode in which he appeared. You'll find a wide range of opinion regarding the new movies as well as expectations for Discovery. Don't let the doubters drag you down.
  13. Here's the irony. I have that poster as an enormous JPG on my computer (14+ MB) and I've had it for years. Got it at no cost somewhere along the line but can't remember how. It is really well done.
  14. 24! Damn, I can't even remember 24. Make it a good one.
  15. Thanks for the update. You needn't remind us in every thread. We know. Unnecessary remark. Gus has as much right to post his thoughts as anyone else, besides, there are newbies who might not be aware og his history.