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  1. "And so it begins." Becoming a dad by any means is a giant leap of faith and courage. Here's wishing the three of you the most marvelous adventure mankind has to offer. Its like sky diving, but doing it every day.
  2. Ohhh! Good stuff,
  3. Welcome to the party, its BYOB here, just so you know unless Sehlat's around. I'll be in Indy for several days next month so I'll wave in your general direction.
  4. One of the things I love about this board is exemplified by this discussion. People can have diverse opinions, for definable reasons or just gut feel, and still be friends. I'd love to sit down and share a beer (or wine, coffee, chocolate milk, etc.) with every member of this crowd, something I cant say for other places I frequent.
  5. I will give it a fair shot because I enjoy the overall premise of Trek and want to see what a new crew of creators does with it. The socio-political nuances suggested thus far are to my liking but are only one ingredient of a very complex story. I saw the TOS premier first run in 1966 as a 20 year old adult and quickly became disillusioned with Shatner's Kirk interpretation. (I was also up to my neck in university and work so I missed a lot of episodes back then.) I made the mistake of not watching TNG because I found the title, "The Next Generation" so painfully derivative. When finally goaded into watching one episode, it happened to be The Measure of a Man and I was instantly hooked. Watched all of DS9 (taping episodes when traveling) but gave up on VOY midway through its run, mostly because Mulgrew's Janeway always seemed to be just an actor hitting their mark and delivering their lines. Watched ENT from the git-go and thoroughly enjoyed the whole run. Was very sad when it ended just as it was rising to true episodic excellence. So yes, I'll give Discovery an open minded shot at entertaining me and hope it finds a following of like-minded souls.
  6. Link still fails.
  7. Giveaway.
  8. Ahh, Mr. P, I fear thine heart doth quiver in protest too much. This is the "Celebrity" division, in mildly tuned sedans nearly as old as Sir P, with full roll cages installed. The worst he could sustain might be a mild headache and a few days of enhanced geriatric aches and pains. I'm only 6 years behind him and my weary bones would jump at the chance to join them in doing something exciting and fun.
  9. Just another guy's opinion but I put ENT in a close second after TNG in my favorites list. Conner did his best in Precious Cargo but that actress was a lost cause. She should have started out with cooking shows. Unlike Sehlat, I really like season 3 from start to finish and S4 is killer. If ENT had continued in that manner, it might have moved to my #1 position.
  10. He was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night.
  11. You'll find this to be a very broad-minded board with many different opinions but generally respectful discussion. Even the Kobayashi Maru forum is pretty comfortable, even if expressions are more robust. Here's hoping you enjoy the place.
  12. Moved to Introductions and Celebrations.
  13. Welcome to the party, next round's on you. Ales all around! As the oldest guy around, I witnessed some of TOS first run but was impossibly busy with University and work so only really got hooked by TNG. My order of preference is TNG, Enterprise, DS9, TOS and Voyager bringing up the rear. My apostasy is that I prefer Babylon 5 slightly above any of the Trek series. (Please be tolerant.) You'll see a lot of diverging opinions here, but this is probably the most agreeable forum around. Trolls don't last long at the Omega Sector.
  14. My impression was that the symbionts were genderless and only the memories of previous hosts carried any gender or sexual orientation information to the new host. Obviously, host candidates have to be prepared in advance for the disorientation that must come with any joining since they will inherit the past life or lives of the symbiont. It was never shown, but I'm betting there were usually long study sessions of those past lives of that planned symbiont for each new host. I wished at the time that there had been some exploration of the reproduction, birth and death cycle of the symbionts. In TNG, Riker seemed overwhelmed by his joining with the Odan symbiont, in part because he had no preparation time. The main impression shown was the symbiont's passion for Beverly.
  15. We left everything where it was so you could find it. Just needs a little dusting.