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  1. What Star Trek book are you currently reading?

    The Pandora Principle. I haven't read this one in 25 years, at least, and I forgot how good it is. A very smooth read. ME
  2. The Time Trap . . . a good one. ME
  3. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    What's that? A British contemporary cop show set in the fictional county of Midsomer. It's been going on for almost 20 years (since 1997 with a new season coming next year), but in the British style with short seasons, between 4 and 7 episodes per season, 90 minutes per episode. Until 2011 it starred John Nettles (probably best known for his title role in Bergerac, a 1980s British cop show set on the island Jersey, and more recently in Poldark) as Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, but then he wanted to leave as he was already 68 at the time. Now it stars Neil Dudgeon as his cousin John Barnaby. I didn't like the switch at first, but I still like the show and I'm getting used to him. Every few seasons, the main character's sidekick changes. I really like the current Detective Sergeant Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee). Ahh this show! I know it... just that they call it "Inspector Barnaby" on tv here... :D We really enjoy Midsomer Murders. We're currently rewatching the series via Netflix. Also rewatching Elementary . . . excellent show! ME
  4. Interesting, Wink Of An Eye is the last episode I watched. I enjoyed it - one of the third season's better outings. ME
  5. What Star Trek book are you currently reading?

    Debt of Honor by Chris Claremont. One of my favorite stories. Mystery, intrigue, a bit of romance and a whole lot of familiar characters. The scenes with Kirk and T'Cel are electric, amazing chemistry! ME
  6. John Glenn Dead at 95.

    Truly a hero. My thoughts go out to his widow Annie; married 73 years - incredibly awesome! RIP John Glenn ME
  7. Fantastic TOS poster!

    I have it as a jigsaw puzzle. I got it this summer; 3000 pieces and measures about 32"X45". The artist, Dusty Abell, says there is something from each of the original series episodes in the puzzle/poster. I quite enjoyed it. ME
  8. Roberto Orci Says He's Done with Trek

    Ohhh . . . . . darn it! ME
  9. The highlight of my Star Trek con going was the 25th anniversary shindig at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. All seven leads, along with Gene and Majel on stage at one time. The last time they were all together. We talked to Majel Barrett later in the dealer's room - she was very gracious. Several years earlier we saw Deforest Kelley on his own at the Disney Hotel in Anaheim. He read his poetry and was very charming. At WorldCon in Anaheim (2006 I believe) there were a number of fringe players on the dealer's floor peddling their autographs at $20 or so. BarBara Luna was among them - there were probably other Star Trek alums there too, but none stuck in my mind, since I've never been in that market. At that convention I met David Gerrold and Dr Jean Lorrah, who wrote my very favorite Star Trek novel, The Vulcan Academy Murders. She inscribed that novel to me and that meant a great deal. However the true highlight was meeting Anne McCaffrey again, but that's another tale! ME
  10. Which current tv shows would you recommend?

    I must preface this post with this; we turned off our access to current TV years ago and the only thing I truly miss is Turner Classic Movies. Our only source for TV shows are Netflix and Acorn. That said, I'll only mention shows I know to still be on, in the UK or US. We both really enjoy Doctor Who, though it's now gone from Netflix so we're dependent DVD purchase. We both love Endeavour (Inspector Morse prequel) and Inspector Lewis (Inspector Morse sequel). As much as we enjoyed the original Morse series, we feel that both the prequel and sequel are even better. And we really enjoy Call The Midwife. As for US fare, Elementary now heads the list. We have loved NCIS for years, but it suffered when Cote de Pablo left the series - I really didn't care for her replacement. Now I don't see how they can successfully replace Michael Wetherly. Haven't caught season 13 yet, let alone this season . . . so jury is still out on this one. And for a real kick, and some feel-good viewing, we love to watch Fixer Upper. I really goes against my kind of viewing, but we find it great! ME
  11. CBS And Viacom to Merger Soon ?

    Yeah, this sounds good, and logical. I like it! ME
  12. Celebrating the 50th

    Happy Anniversary STAR TREK Today, it's all Star Trek, all the time. This morning it was a bit of Star Trek 365 over breakfast. After some yard work, it's been an afternoon of classic episodes. This evening I picked up a couple of collectibles from eBay, and now it's off to read - the current selection; The Eugenics Wars 1. ME
  13. 50 Years Later : My Favorite Episode

    Happy Anniversary STAR TREK I have a real fondness for Balance Of Terror. It's a submarine thing I guess. I quite enjoy sub movies; such as Run Silent, Run Deep, The Hunt For Red October, Operation Petticoat, and my favorite The Enemy Below - even Down Periscope will do in a pinch. So, perhaps something left over from a previous life? ME
  14. TOS in VHS

    Tip of the hat for trying to give them away - I gave mine to my daughter a few years ago - also donated my laserdisc editions to the library. You've used up my first two suggestions. I always like to give to my local library. A little surprised about ebay, but I guess the cost of shipping would be more than they're worth. Maybe a yard sale? ME
  15. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Last night I watched Philomena. Not what I expected going in, but still a good movie. Dame Judi Dench is worth watching anytime. ME