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  1. Trek BBS Art Contest Entries

    ty! No one else has posted their entries so I have no idea what I'm up against lol...
  2. Trek BBS Art Contest Entries

    Hey all! The December contest is to show us the assimilated version of someone not previously borgified onscreen. I picked Spot.
  3. Happy Birthday Klaus!

    ^^I always say, birthdays beat the alternative. To quote Pete Townshend: "I look pretty young but I'm just back-dated." Thanks again all!
  4. Happy Birthday Klaus!

    ty very much all!! :D
  5. Win a model of the Enterprise

    I entered a couple of days ago lol...
  6. Why Do You Change Your Nicknames?

    "Klaus" is my nickname in RL, so I decided to use it in cyberspace from the beginning... on places where it's taken, like deviantArt, I use "TLBKlaus" adding my clan tags from The Lost Battalion. Thw only changes I've made are the seasonal ones at the TrekBBS -- "Santa Klaus" is traditional and I'm also using "Zombie Klaus" in October now.
  7. The Kitty Thread

    Hey folks, haven't posted here in a while but Tommy's still cute!
  8. Looking for a Good Photoshopper

    Great! Glad you like it!
  9. Looking for a Good Photoshopper

    Thought I'd take a shot at putting the elements together...
  10. Trek BBS Art Contest Entries

    ty very much all, the competition is going to be stiff this month!
  11. Trek BBS Art Contest Entries

    ty all, and sorry for the absence. The September contest was to re-imagine the marketing of a Trek show, movie or episode, and this was my entry: ...and the new theme for October is to show Trek as done by someone else. I picked Jules Verne and I think this is the final entry:
  12. lol I'll have to dig out my copy of Khamlet... :D
  13. Trek BBS Art Contest Entries

    ty! Here's the final version:
  14. Trek BBS Art Contest Entries

    ty very much! I actually had the idea of illustrating this scene for another contest a couple of years ago but went with something else... it's nice to finally see it coming to life. I'll try to make time to catch up my run of past entries soon.
  15. Trek BBS Art Contest Entries

    revised, nearly done I guess... new console to match the other one, new hands.