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  1. One of the longest unanswered questions in the history of Star Trek was "What led to the Vulcan and Romulan Separation?" That question had been asked for decades, by numerous Trekkies. In 1997, it was announced that this question would finally be answered in Interplay Software's next project for the franchise, Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury. With a story by D.C. Fontana, voice direction by John Meredyth Lucas, and the voices of the entire original series cast, it sounded almost too good to be true. Interplay was even planning on utilizing facial motion capture to bring the original series characters to life looking the way we remembered seeing them on that show. Unfortunately, the game fell behind schedule due to technical difficulties and finally had the plug pulled in 1999. However, I really hope that there's a way for this project to be resurrected. Maybe Telltale Games would be willing to attempt it if they can gather every asset from Interplay's development on the game.
  2. Was All of Enterprise Riker's Holodeck Simulation?

    I came across an idea pitched by Mike Sussman which could possibly have been a better send-off for the show. It also would've said in the credits: And Special Guest Leonard Nimoy as "Ambassador Spock." Here were Sussman's exact words: "We could find Spock in the 24th century, a distinguished and retired Ambassador, who has a young visitor. Maybe this guy is a Vulcan/Human hybrid like Spock, and needs advice on balancing his two alien halves. This visit could lead Spock into recounting an adventure he had early in his career as a Starfleet cadet. This adventure could involve Young Spock (played by another actor) helping a middle-aged T'Pol (now in her early to mid-100's) on some vitally important mission.... In the process, Spock could learn some lesson which helped him choose his own path in life. We may learn a lot of new info on Spock.... Perhaps he was torn between life as a diplomat (like his father) and a career in Starfleet when he was a young man. The flashback adventure should involve Captain Archer (and other members of our cast) in old-age make-up, playing early 23rd century versions of themselves. Maybe their adventure is something of a 'Last Round-Up' for the old crew, whom T'Pol reunites for a secret and possibly illegal TBD mission. I thought it might be fun if our crew have to steal an antiquated NX-class ship from the Starfleet museum for one last adventure together." This story is the one that would've been worthy of the title These Are The Voyages... and a more logical way to end this chapter in Star Trek history. "If only..." "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. Live Long And Prosper." Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)