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  1. Hey, so stop me if others have come up with this before, but I've been thinking a lot about Discovery's eventual trip home. Spoilers for up to the most recent episode, and theoretical spoilers if this ends up in any way true, which, like, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Basically, my thought process started with the problems with canon. They've had a tooooon of information about the mirror universe, which never shows up again in trek. There seems to be. They've also found a way to beat the Klingon cloak, which they don't have in TOS. So Discovery returning to the Prime universe seems like something that can't happen. But then I started thinking about all this talk of the Defiant. Now the Defiant didn't just jump universes, but it jumped back a hundred years. If that passage still exists, might it not send them a hundred years in the future? Could this season end with Discovery jumping to the 24th century? It would be kind of cool to see Discovery expect to arrive home, receive contact from an incoming federation ship only to have a Galaxy Class starship warp in front of it. Just a thought.