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  1. Recently watched the intro to EnterpriseĀ and it implies that the mirror universe won WWII. Pretty sure that is how my TMIHC theory came about.... When is season 3 of that coming out?

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      I think it is coming out early 2018. They don't have a release date just yet.

  2. I can't help but think that The Man in High Castle is the Star Trek Mirror Universe. I enjoyed TMIHC so very much and keep hoping that the next one will come out soon. I am actually really glad that I made the connection because I have to confess that when I watch DS9 and Enterprise mirror episodes I just skip them. So when Disco started in on the mirror stuff I got nervous a little emotional, possibly cranky. I did however put those feelings aside and kept an open mind, I am really enjoying it! That said I hope it doesn't become a crutch with the writing, I still want stuff that happens in the"real" Star Trek Universe.