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  1. Episode 1.12 "Vaulting Ambition" Discussion Thread

    Exactly!!! unless Isaacs had not had plans to stay too long in the franchise... perhaps when he knew for how long would he play Lorca he signed the contract. 😭 leaving us poor suckers so frustrated
  2. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Well I am seriously doubting he would stay. 😞😩☹️ I am thinking more and more about Jason Isaac’s bad guys choose of projects. Perhaps HE is the real bad guy who chose capt Lorca only to play hm for his malicious professional plans. Like he felt atracted to play the role only because it was one badass guy who would trick a great bunch of the most ferreous, faithful and smart fandom out there. For a few times only.oh well.... I am kind of depressed about it already. I really wish they made him survive somehow... if Primer Lorca never appears again then perhaps if Mirror Lorca gets seriously injured they could brain wash him... I do not know, come up with a last resource procedure like they did with the Klingon inside Tyler. So Mirror Lorca could stay as captain....hahaha... you see? The possibilities diminishes every time....
  3. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Gosh... how lucky to have those kind of crazy and exciting dreams!! I also have had one or two but it usually happens once in a million years. I am amazed I haven’t come up with one because Captain Lorca occupies 95% of my brains these days.... I cannot stop thinking ways the character could survive the series. The only thing I can imagine for what we have seen so far is that Michael will escape the Emperor’s ship and At the same time Mirror Lorca. The Discovery has a round with them and I believe They won’t make it to the prime universe for a while.
  4. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    I believe you are right, even if It is my deepest wish for Lorca to come back as the Discovery’s captain, I cannot see this happening... not just like that, perhaps if they find the way to put them together, somehow fight between each other and Prime Lorca manages to save the ship and the crew. Or something like that...😬 in any case I want to believe Prime Lorca is with the Resistance. I am sure he is alive because Lt. Laudry is. I am sure Burnham will ask herself where is the Prime Lorca.
  5. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    My God, someone as radical as I am. I feel better now, much better. I am usually lazy to star to watch a tv serie. I have always been a Treki so I decided I would only Pay the cable in order to take a look to Discovery, but I was sceptical.... oh but then Lorca arrived and I was into it. Untill AU happened. (I have NEVER been a fan of AU’s). And I know they all are doing a hell of a job with the series BUT if Lorca goes I am afraid my interest will diminish seriously. To the point I might not want to follow Discovery any more. At this point anything could happend. It is even posible that Jason Issacs is not such as disposed ($$$) (several important projects for him) actor as to stay too long in a tv serie and perhaps that was before minded in the production-story. I don’t know, I am just in the bad mood thinking “duhhh. So beautiful to be true...”
  6. The Gabriel Lorca Topic (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

    Oh well, I am so into Lorca that I DO CARE and fear what would happend with the character in the NEAR future. 😭 but one thing I agree with you, it is an AMAZING, amazing STAR TREK series return. I noticed in the next episode scenes, Mirror Lorca walks into a hall with prisioners, Lt. Laundry was there so, MAYBE Prime Lorca is somewhere else and HE WILL return. I just hope😞 I was also against it, didn’t like the idea Lorca was the way he was because he was not from around .... damn.....I want the original back.