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  1. Hello from BolianAdmiral

    Yes, I already know I hate it, based on everything I've seen so far. Literally nothing about it in any way interests me, or feels like Star Trek. I'm sure there have been plenty of spirited debates here on the topic, but I'm not interested in joining the debate or argument. You asked me a question, and I provided my answer to it. If you feel like you will enjoy STD, then by all means, please do so, and have fun. But it's not my cup of tea, and let's just please leave it at that. I'm not here to fight with anyone or make enemies. Thanks, captain spock.
  2. If this is true its a game changer! Whoa!!

    I wouldn't hold my breath, but, aye - we can hope.
  3. How would you improve Voyager?

    I have a lot, and I mean a LOT of thoughts on this subject. Rather than post them here, I will be posting them as I go along, when I start a VOY rewatch thread. Suffice it to say, that since I've been rewatching what I can of it on the BBC, VOY wasn't AS BAD as I remember it. When it was good, it was outstanding. But when it was bad, oh, God, was it horrid, fetid, rotting stinky cheese. It does have many issues that at the very least need adjusting, but it can be made much, much better.
  4. Hello from BolianAdmiral

    ^ Thanks, guys. Sim, to answer your questions, my favorite Trek series is TNG. My least favorite is STD, which has taken that honor from ENT.
  5. Nicholas Meyer Slams STAR TREK VI

    Well, TUC is my all-time favorite Trek film, so I liked it, lol.
  6. The Maybe-Im-Willing-to-Give-Enterprise-a-Second-Look Thread

    I originally enjoyed the first season. As the show went on, I grew to hate it, not only for the constant and glaring canon-violations, but also for how they kept writing Captain Archer as a meaner and meaner person. It got to the point where I felt he was no different than his MU counterpart. However, one of my good friends gifted me the whole ENT series on Blu-ray, so I do plan to give the whole series a rewatch, once I get settled into my new place. I also plan to do the same with VOY, once I buy that series on DVD.
  7. How would you fix Troi?

    ^ Yeah. Come to think of it, Jellico pretty much fixed the whole crew, IMO.
  8. It's not fair to exclude the Tholians, just because we've seldom seen them. Aside from the Dominion, the Tholians would have the best chance of beating the UFP in a war. Their tech is superior to our own. Another power which would likely prevail against us (assuming they were hostile), might be the First Federation. After that, I'd say the only power with sufficient tech and power in numbers to pull it off might be the Romulans.
  9. If this is true its a game changer! Whoa!!

    I love Nick Meyer, but in NO way will I ever watch another Star Trek prequel series. Enough with the damn prequels. Star Trek is about going boldly into the future and the unknown, not into the past, into the already-known.
  10. Hello from BolianAdmiral

    Thanks for the welcome, folks.
  11. How would you fix Troi?

    IMO, Captain Jellico fixed her.
  12. Hello, all. I just joined up here. Some of you may know me from back in the day on the Trek BBS and from Scifi-Meshes, and one or two other forums. Got a lot of stuff I'll be posting.