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  1. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    True, true. Work continues on the nacelle Pulled in my stand in warp nacelle and strut from the Liberty to make sure my Nacelle components were going to line up with the model. I kept them pretty transparent so you can see the actual components. Warp core is nestled in there underneath the anti-matter pods. I used my 'dilithium pumpkin' parts from the Destroyer's Engineering set I built for it. Also modeled up some warp coils. I'm going to do up some equipment that rests between them but keep a mostly hollow center. There's some more stuff to do to the 'bussard' area as I do want to have some kind of 'collector' there that feeds back to the deuterium tanks.
  2. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    I may be way over-thinking it but it is fun, so there is that. LOL Glad you're enjoying it
  3. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    I have my own little brain design on how the warp core within the nacelle is going to work. I've got anti-matter containers lining the pod that feed into an injector that is in turn fed deuterirum through the ball on top which also helps collect stray particles. This will lead into the core which is inside the anti-matter bottles (not modeled yet) and will have a plasma feed line to the warp coils and also back to the ship and secondary impulse engines on the struts. This isn't something that's going to be on the finished mesh of the ship because there isn't any reason to. Well parts of it will be, but this also lets me make up neat 3D engineering displays for the warp systems.
  4. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Ahh ok! Gotcha. And thanks!
  5. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Did I stray too close to 'hotel' in look? lol I did figure it'd be a more comfortable design than the other ships of the era. Can't have guests book passage on her and it looking like a grease bucket I think I may be straddling that line a bit too close though. hrrmmm
  6. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Thanks! More work on my interior layout Worked out a rough deck plan for Deck 2 to figure out where my internal rooms are going to go. This is a really rough layout and is obviously subject to change, but it's a starting point. Checkmarks are rooms that are definitely getting a 'set' built for use in DAZ. The others are more for placeholders but could be built if needed. I'm not expecting to need them myself. Made some changes and exported my corridor sections to DAZ for proper light testing and to make sure that I don't need to fix anything major. I'm not happy with the carpet I've got there but I'm not unhappy with it either. It may end up getting changed to the flat gray I made my flooring in the Connie and Destroyer sets I built. The corridor may get a different color other than the larger blue panels and I may reduce the overall lighting as well, but it gave me an idea how the mesh was holding up.
  7. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    It doesn't help that all of the major lighting for the TMP corridors comes from the floor. TNG added ceiling lights along with flattening out the angled side (the wall hugging the interior curve in TMP was actually flat) on the concentric corridor to lighten it up. They did keep this radial corridor virtually intact going back to a turbolift and the transporter room and you can tell they had a hard time cramming in some lights in TNG cause it was always much darker than the rest of the corridors. Yeah I'm trying not to emulate the TNG corridors too much while aping a few ideas. It's a tricky balance. lol
  8. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    My week has been hella busy, and I was, but I was also on the phone for like 3 hours yesterday so I had some time to 'doodle' in Truespace and the 'doodle' turned into full blown corridor sections. I've got a makeshift set-up here of the concentric and radial corridors for the Liberty. The doors won't ever be placed that close together with the exception of the Mess Hall and possibly around the airlock access which has two doors leading into it. This was just to test the corridor sections and the door placement. The colors are also not final. That's more for me for when I import it into DAZ and each one will be a separate material for easy set-up in DAZ. I'm planning a floor light fixture, one on the angle at the top, and one down the center. Each one will have it's own separate control though. Like my Destroyer corridor, this one is set up to incorporate some of the Motion Picture theme elements from the corridors but is meant to be a bit simpler, so it would fit in with a more Original Series aesthetic. Obviously I'm kind of kicking it back even further with the doors the way they are to more like Enterprise, but I think it works. I did 'borrow' the ceiling panel from the corridor junction from my Connie corridor set. *shrugs*
  9. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    I've done some tinkering with the Liberty's secondary hull and the overall shape. I also added the landing strip section for the shuttlebay but I need to smooth that out and figure out if I'm going clamshell or flat doors for the back end. Probably flat. In the new secondary hull I added two slots that you can fit mission pods into. In this case, the first pod is our standard deflector, unchanged from last time. I reworked my deflector housing though to be a cargo container. Haven't decided what type. The actual Knight Hawk won't use them and will just have a seal to keep the 'bugs and dirt' out of the attachment port on the hull. I did try coming up with a secondary hull design that covered the deflector more, but ultimately it felt too much like the Excelsior and the ship designers just aren't there yet when the Liberty was being laid out. Exterior list still remaining: shuttlebay, civilian warp-capable shuttle, torpedo mounts/insets, proper nacelle struts with warp-powered impulse engines (more like vents that have been turned into almost boosters really), the 'warp core' that'll be visible in the front of the nacelles, and of course the nacelles themselves. The interior list is... long Work continues.
  10. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Thank you! I'm trying to keep her as practical as possible while still allowing for a few flights of fancy.
  11. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Work continues on the Liberty The saucer now has two airlocks on either side, both capable of hosting a travel pod. It's a tight fit, but it's a fit. I do have an option to move plates in to cover the airlock hatches because I thought I'd have to cut too much out of the saucer rim to get it to work, but I think she looks more... functional? this way. It feels more like a real ship to me, and let's be real, are you going to have yet another set of doors and mechanical parts that could gum up the works for a civilian vessel? I think I'm done with the exterior of the saucer at this point. So from here I'm focusing on the back end of the Liberty. Work has started on the secondary hull. I've tried a new smaller and sleeker looking deflector housing. This one makes it look more modular, like it's an option and not part of the standard build. You can see the old design hanging out off in the space below the new one. I'm not sold on it entirely yet. There are definitely things I like about both of them. I'm also working on new probe/torpedo launchers that aren't quite as set into the hull as the old ones. I might carve a bit into the hull for them as well but haven't decided yet on that either. I've got a lot more freedom to play with the back end and my imagination may actually be a bigger stumbling block than all the little details that went into the saucer. So I'm testing out some of the Genesis 3 stuff I've got and my old standby Uzilite uniform with a variation. This is the dress and the male pants for a more slightly casual but still in regulation uniform. Nothing to this, I was just testing her out to see how she looks. Renders hella fast. Credits: Uzilite New Adventure Uniform texture by Rshulte Genesis 3 from DAZ Reimagined Connie by MKF
  12. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Did this up real quick. Both ships are a work in progress, obviously. This kind of gives you a size comparison of the Liberty to other Starfleet ships, in this case, the Galaxy Class. The Liberty could actually fly right between the neck of the secondary hull and the warp nacelle and still have plenty of clearance. The reason parts of the Galaxy didn't render on this is that I hit the draw distance limit in Truespace. I'm working with real sizes, not scaled down ones at the moment. I've been plugging away at the saucer section. It has 12 living quarters lining the exterior, each with a window. There's also a crew's mess in the bow, also with windows. The airlocks on either side aren't done yet but I'm working on some ideas. I think what I'll do for the exterior is have a set of retracting doors that reveal a flat area where a travel pod could dock with the standard starfleet airlock set-up underneath. I started working out some of my warp engine details. They are far from done, but I did lower them on the secondary hull a little bit. I'm toying with an idea I've seen from the super cars where they're using an electric engine alongside a gas powered engine but instead of making them fuel efficient they instead use the electric engine to boost the hell out of the gas engine's power. So what exactly does that mean? Along with the standard fusion powered Impulse Engines in the primary hull, the Liberty is going to have a set of experimental warp powered impulse engines built into the nacelles. It's an idea. We'll see how bulked up that looks when I put it on there. Anyway, the saucer has windows and little rooms behind each of those windows with tables, chairs, food dispensers, beds, and off to the side room behind a wall a sonic shower and a toilet.
  13. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    So I was planning on cutting windows into the saucer and ended up building out the bulk of the lab in deck 3 in like a day. Created a scanner, library computer access, two displays tied to each and some bottles with mysterious liquid in them. Add in a PADD that I already made and we have ourselves a 'stocked' science lab for the Liberty Class. Here's the Liberty with the Deck 3 windows in the Science Lab carved into her. I've got the science lab internals pretty basic here, most of it is there but is missing some higher poly but smaller items to cut down render times. It is a full interior with lights as opposed to just some textures. Probably a little overkill but she is a smaller ship. And I've got her imported into DAZ so have the start of some beauty shots. Science lab is located on Deck 3 of the Liberty class. It's a room with options for the ship as it's a multi-purpose room and really depends on what you put into it. When a Liberty class is slated for construction, the default selection for this area is a Science Lab. It could also function as an observation deck with the right lounge equipment installed. Most Captains go for the Science Lab just to have that option when you're out in space on you're own and don't have back-up nearby. This is the view looking into the forward window. More renders to come. Credits: Rank and combadges by RSchulte V4 and Genesis from DAZ New Adventure Uniforms by Uzilite TOSReboot Textures for UNA by RSchulte Bridge built in Truepace 3.1 Rendered with DAZ Studio 4.9 and iRay
  14. My Nebula-Class (2D Artwork)

    Rekkert does do great work. Fits really well with the 2D you were working on though. Definitely feels like a bridge that belongs with the Nebula.
  15. Terminus Timeline - Starships and Interiors

    Thanks! Yeah I don't mind the chemical thruster approach but in a lot of the 'approved' starship blueprints those chemical engines are actually fusion engines so the thrusters basically end up being mini-impulse engines. At least that's how they looked on the Voyager blueprints anyway. Which is kind neat but also cringe inducing by having so many fusion engines scattered around the ship in key places.