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  1. Door Number 4

    In today's Kobayahi Maru: This doens't look too dangerous to ME.
  2. Kobayashi Maru: Life on the wrong side of the Trek!

    Never pull a Klug's pin!
  3. Live Long and Please Don't Eat Me!

    In today's Kobayashi Maru: What are these two talking about? The weird redesign of the Klingons for Discovery, perhaps?
  4. Phlox your Federation! Phlox your Empire! Ever wonder what the 23rd century looks like to the gutsy misfits who live in the Neutral Zone? The ragtag crew of a rusting fuel tanker just want to earn a few quatloos and unload the hottest contraband in the galaxy, but when your ship is called the Kobayashi Maru, it's no surprise that you can't catch a break! Follow Yama Singh and her crew of halflings, cannibals and living cartoons on their weekly quest to keep the slowest starship in the Alpha Quadrant in one piece long enough to earn the payday of a lifetime. Just don't forget to take off your rose colored VISOR!