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  1. Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 1.pdfThis is a Star Trek Kelvin Timeline original story written in Screenplay format. I have no reason to believe as an amateur screen writer that this will ever be produced, but it's the movie I'd love to see on the big screen. Hope you enjoy it. I'll release a new chapter every few days.
  2. Any other folks out there NOT able to download chapters? Should I continue posting RTF files? I'm not sure what else to do on my end.
  3. RENEGADES REQUIEM Is Online at YouTube

    Thank you. I'll plug the laptop into the big screen and watch it tonight.
  4. RENEGADES REQUIEM Is Online at YouTube

    "This video is unavailable."
  5. Because I became aware of some PDF downloading issues, here are the first six chapters of Star Trek: The Wonderland Redemption in Rich Text Format (rtf.) I will convert the rest of the PDF chapters to rtf. and post them as they become available. If anyone has trouble downloading these also, please let me know and I will address the issue. Thanks to Selat Vie and Gazomg for bringing this to my attention and enjoy! Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 1.rtf Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 2.rtf Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 3.rtf Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 4.rtf Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 5.rtf Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 6.rtf
  6. Thanks for letting me know about this issue, Gazomg. I had originally posted my chapters in PDF format as I believed it would be a universally accepted platform. I invited two outsiders to see if the PDF files would download and they had no problem. I have also been working on a reissue of the story in Rich Text Format. Either I could repost using RTF or members could check if they have a more recent version of Adobe Reader that can download the chapters in the original PDF. Either way, I'll try to accommodate the people here. Thanks again.
  7. The other piece of music I chose for Aleela to identify with was "Stoned Love" by The Supremes. Two contentious races of people are taking their first steps into peaceful relations. It's the beginning of the end of war between the Federation and the Klingons, thanks to Aleela. She has also begun to experience what human love is through her relationship with Kirk. As a result, she reciprocates a gift to Spock for Uhura; the "language database" of all the species Aleela's encountered, knowing how much it would help mankind explore the universe. The lyrics encapsulate so much of the redemption that happened in the arena and the experience between Aleela and Kirk that she chose this song to play in the arena at the end. Plus, I could resist the idea of a Motown Song in a Star Trek feature film. "Stoned Love" by The Supremes Now I wanna tell ya of a great love, oh It will light up It will surely light up darkened worlds If you just believe Stoned love Stoned love Stoned love Oh yeah A love for each other will bring fighting to an end Forgiving one another, time after time doubt creeps in But like the sun lights up the sky with a message from above Oh yeah, I find no other greater symbol of love Yeah, don't ya hear the wind blowing Stoned love Oh yeah, I tell ya I ain't got no other Stoned love Oh yeah And life is so short, put the present time at hand Oh yeah, and if you're young at heart, rise up and take your stand And to the man on whose shoulder the world must depend I pray for peace and love, amen Oh, can't ya feel it Stoned love I tell ya I ain't got no other Stoned love Oh yeah…
  8. Star Trek has a tradition of referencing classic literature and sometimes music. In the story, Aleela has scanned the Enterprise and copied all of its memory banks into the congruency before the crew even meet her. It would make sense that she would've explored their cultural database and chose to experience it. By using our vernacular, she refers to the music archive as a new "playlist" and begins to identify with it, along with other artworks found in the ship's computer. I chose two pieces of source music for my story that Aleela would have gravitated to. One was The Engulfed Cathedral by Claude Debussy. The idea of a grand cathedral sinking into the ocean as if it may have been a mirage is a nice comparison to Aleela's lost civilization only now reproduced by holograms. It would seem very easy for her to identify with that piece of music.
  9. In the third act, I place a floating arena in a place on the planet called "The Valley of the Shards". I was inspired by this artwork by Andre Ewallin. In movie productions, they usually hire a production designer and several artists. For me, I find unique art and let it inspire the writing. Kinda backwards, but as an amateur writer it's a nice alternative. Here's another nice one of how I would similarly imagine the crystal ruins of Wonderland at night. The artist goes by the handle, Deepholm. Really talented.
  10. "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Galaxy Chronicles"

    Nice. I enjoyed this. I felt a nice nostalgic throwback to when TNG was on TV and yet was a lot of original material to invest in. I miss that era of Star Trek storytelling. Please feel free to read my Kelvin Timeline movie script , Star Trek: The Wonderland Redemption. I would be interested in some feedback if you're willing.
  11. The Soliton Transportation Hub is an easter egg from a ST:TNG season 5 episode entitled "New Ground". In that episode, the Enterprise D assisted a scientist in creating a method of warp propulsion without a warp drive. The episode was mainly centered on Worf and the Soliton Wave was relegated to the "B plot" of the episode. I always thought that was such a good idea that it deserved more exploration so I included it in my story. It seems that in the Kelvin Timeline, technology would naturally advance quicker seeing as how Nero and the Narada as well as the Vulcan "Jellyfish" introduced future tech into that timeline. Therefore the Soliton Wave would like be a refined project with the full assistance and leadership of Starfleet. I envisioned the Soliton Transportation Hub as a repurposed dry dock assembly with all the energy dishes added to create the energy wave then releasing it, thus propelling any ship inside the dry dock starting gate. Even today, Elon Musk's Hyperloop One is a comparatively exciting idea as being able to create a new transportation infrastructure is something the world desperately needs. Hoping that the scene in which Spock pilots the Copernicus would be reminiscent of "The Right Stuff" or footage from the very first Space Shuttle launch; very exciting, and a technological breakthrough.
  12. The Human Experience continues in the finale of Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 17.pdf
  13. Catharsis, an ancient brotherly reunion, and a little round of "poker" in the penultimate chapter of Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 16.pdf
  14. Here is some artwork that inspired the crystal topography of Wonderland. I don't recall a crystal planet ever being done except for Star Trek: The Animated Series (The Terratin Incident, I believe).
  15. I looked at a lot of surreal art to inspire this story, as well as bring things a little closer to the type of story telling they did during the original series. Here's some artist's pics of the Crystal Hands that Spock used to make contact with the Enterprise. Perhaps Aleela had made "The Invitation" to a Kelvin Timeline version of Apollo from Pollux IV ("Who Mourns For Adonais?") and copied into The Congruency the Green Space Hand, and created their own version of it?
  16. The mysteries of Wonderland are revealed in Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 15.pdf
  17. Another casting pick would be Michael Krawic reprising his role as the Vulcan Scientist Stron. This is one of many Easter Eggs in the story. Stron is an existing character from the Enterprise episode, "Carbon Creek". In that episode, Stron is a Vulcan Warp Engineer who was stranded on 20th century Earth along with T'Pol. In the Kelvin Timeline, he is still a warp propulsion engineer and former faculty member of Starfleet Academy who was responsible for Montgomery Scott's undesirable assignment to the Delta Vega Station. In my story, he's the project manager for the Soliton Transportation Hub who happens to encounter Scotty once again creating an awkward reunion.
  18. Another fantasy casting for the Klingon Brute that Kirk has to fight. Hafthor Bjornsson, a.k.a. Gregor Clegane, a.k.a. The Mountain. QaPla!
  19. Mono E Mono in Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 14.pdf
  20. LET THE GAMES BEGIN in Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 13.pdf
  21. Lt. Marcus takes a big risk in Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 12.pdf And by the way, thank you to the fans and readers of my story. It just reached 500 views in a little over a month. It means a lot to be able to stir the interest and enthusiasm of Trekkers in this community.
  22. Dunkirk/Drunk Kirk

    That's good. What's he got there? Um,...it's GREEN.
  23. Kirk and the Landing Party face a moral dilemma while a crew member is in danger in Star Trek The Wonderland Redemption Chapter 11.pdf
  24. A new chapter will be posted tomorrow. In the meantime, I wanted to share some casting ideas. Here's my first pick for Aleela; Rosario Dawson. My first pick for Kardra is J.K. Simmons. He can chew the scenery big time!