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    Such a sad week this week with the loss of Adam. Fan Film Factor interviewed me for our new Trek show, and he asked me to comment on Adam's passing. Christopher and I completed this interview late last week, just before ADAM “Batman” WEST passed away on Saturday. Noting the coincidental and somewhat awkward timing of interviewing the creator of the Star Trek vs. Batman fan film so close to Adam West’s passing, I went back to Chris and asked him if he wanted to say a few additional words about the sad event. Here was his response… CHRIS – In the blizzard of sympathies and condolences for Adam West, I’d like to shine a light on something that is too often overlooked and/or not discussed in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one. Grief. The loved ones in Adam West’s immediate circle are now going through an insurmountable amount of overwhelming grief. A child has lost his/her parent. A wife has lost her husband. A lifelong friend has lost his/her dearest chum. Beyond the glitz and fun of Batman was a father. A family has lost their wise and seasoned man who bettered not only his family, but legions of people around the world. Do not be afraid of grief. Be courageous and go to the dark places. Ask your loved one what they are thinking. And don’t say “let me know if you need anything” because that puts pressure on them. Show up. Bring them a nice warm dinner. Cut their grass. Just do it and don’t tell them. Trust me, that goes a long way when a person is lost in trenches of day-to-day sorrow. For me personally, I wept for a brief moment yesterday as another chapter of my childhood passed on. I had never met Adam West, but have heard many wonderful stories from my friends who have met him. My immediate thoughts go to his family, who I’m sure are in a very dark place at this moment. All of us as fans will go on tomorrow to our jobs and routines, but a year or even ten years from now, Adam’s children will still have that hole in their hearts from losing their parent. It’s a universal concept all human beings will relate to at one time or another, no matter if they just happen to be Batman or not. But damn, I will miss him.
  2. Pike's Wheelchair Build

    Ah yes, so he does get around! And in Vegas of all places! That's okay, hopefully I can find him somewhere! Thanks!
  3. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone might have any kind of ideas or suggestions on how to build a full scale wheelchair for Pike used in the Menagerie. We're building it for a film, and would try to get as close to the original as possible. I did see a guy who built one for the Albuquerque Comic Con in 2014 but no idea how to find him to ask. Thanks so much! - Chris
  4. Hola from Indy!

    Thanks for the warm welcomes! Looking forward to hanging out here!
  5. Hola from Indy!

    Thank you Sehlat! Will do!
  6. Long time Indy resident and fan of Medicine God Kirok! Just wanted to say hello!

    Yes as silly as that sounds, its true! We made Star Trek vs Batman, so why not? Plus its the smack down we've all wondered about a time or two. An ill-tempered, but gentle alien has summoned five of the most renowned federation captains from across space and time to the planet of Delta Fawcett Four. There, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew face off against Professor Xavier’s Enterprise D, Voyager, that weird looking spiky thing from DS9, and the “guy from Quantum Leap” Enterprise in a forgettable, but timeless tournament that will leave your sides half-split with laughter. SPECIAL GUEST STAR ASHLEY ALEXISS is taken hostage by the evil alien known throughout the Star Trek galaxy as Axanar. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock beam down to rescue Kirk’s beautiful space vixen, only to be taken hostage by Captain Pike in a pimped out wheelchair. If you were a fan of Star Trek vs. Batman, you will love this wacky incarnation that answers every fan of Star Trek has asked since 1987… could Kirk lay down the smack to Picard? But the shenanigans and skullduggery don’t stop there. A surprise ending will have you reaching for the “stop” button as Captain Kirk goes on trial for being human. Trained physicians will be on standby as you fall helplessly in love with the universal answer to what all Trek fans want to know!!