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  1. No God in Trek?

    We've seen how frustrated sections of Trek fandom can get when the Klingon foreheads are redesigned, let alone poking the hornet's nest that is religion. I think Trek is better off largely glossing over it or using alien races as a guise for social commentary as it has for the last 50 years. No need to offend anyone then. My view on religion in Trek is largely shaped by the TNG episode The Chase. If the races in Trek were seeded by an ancient alien race then that pretty much rules out a God as our current culture sees it.
  2. How You Became a Trekkie

    We do have a similar experience in discovering Trek! I'll differ on Tripods though - that terrified me as a nipper Red Dwarf, Thunderbirds and Ghostbusters truly cemented my love of SF outside of Star Trek. The last ten years has seen a new found love of Doctor Who fill the gap left by a lack of new Trek.
  3. Hello from the UK

    In a strange way Enterprise feels more relevant to the here and now in much the same way TOS echoed the cold war feeling of the 60s. I know season 3 was a deliberate response to 9|11 but it seems to fit in better with the stance on terrorism in the 2010s. The chemistry between Archer & T'Pol is wonderful too. She is an underrated gem in the Star Trek universe.
  4. How You Became a Trekkie

    Who got you into Trek and who else in your real life is into it? No one. I'm baffled how I became a fan really because neither of my parents were science fiction fans and I was an only child. My dad is a keen sports fan and I'm a complete opposite. My mum is more into historical Jane Austen type-stuff. I guess Star Trek found me. What was the first bit of Trek you watched? I have a vivid memory around the age of six of watching what I now know to be The Devil in the Dark. It would have been a mid-80s rerun on BBC2. I remember being transfixed watching these strange men in their pajamas hunting a rock monster Why did you watch your first bit of Trek and beyond? Again I don't know. My parents certainly weren't enablers, they think its nonsense. After that early memory I also have memories of the ear-worm sequence from STII. My first regular dose was BBC2's first run of TNG. I just loved the drama, the excitement and adventure. When did you first watch Trek? Accidentally, at about the age of six but as a regular committed viewer from about the age of 10 circa 1990. I remember going to see STVI in the cinema so I was definitely a fan by 1992 age 12.
  5. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Network television is on life support. Here in the UK overnight ratings are dropping with many turning to online catch-up services to watch their shows when they want to rather than when the TV tells you to. In another decade television as we perceive it just won't be a thing. I think it's fitting that Star Trek is being used to usher in that shift in technology and perception. I can't wait. These trailers have really whet my appetite. Love the feel of the show, Enterprise but with a very modern visual. I think it's telling that the Discovery is nowhere to be seen in that trailer - what we're being shown isn't what the final series may actually be but CBS have a duty to get as many people watching as possible. The trailer has to be pitched at non-fans. Wrath of Khan aside Star Trek truly works best as a television show. It's good to have it back.
  6. Hello from the UK

    Hi Sim. Thanks for the welcome. I've got to be honest I can't answer that question right now. A few years ago I would have told you that I adore Voyager and that Enterprise was my least favourite. Last year I started a massive re-watch of Star Trek - in stardate order to celebrate the 50th. (It's slow going, I'm only on TNG so far) So I had to do Enterprise first - much of which I hadn't revisited since it's initial broadcast. Do you know what? I loved it. It has aged so well. I loathed it 10 years ago but on rewatching I grew to really root for Archer and the crew. It just seemed to make more sense now. On the flipside I've caught a few episodes of Voyager on Syfy recently and wow. That has not aged so well. I feel like I'm reevaluating Trek right now. I love it, always will, but whereas TNG & Voy were my gotos I'm most looking forward to DS9 on my rewatch. Of course the simplicity and originality of TOS - especially the first season - will always shine through!
  7. Hello from the UK

    Thank you for the welcome!
  8. Greetings all, Long time Trek fan and reader of TrekCore from the UK. With a new Star Trek series finally about to dock I felt it was time to find somewhere to engage with other fans about the highs, lows and excitement of meeting a new crew. I'm from the UK so I'm a huge fan of Red Dwarf and Doctor Who however, Trek was my first science fiction love. I remember being captivated by a TV show sometime in the mid-80s featuring strange men in some caves seemingly wearing their pyjamas while shooting lasers at a rock monster. Older, wiser me realises I must have caught a rerun of The Devil in the Dark but 6-year-old-me was transfixed. A few fleeting glances later it wasn't until the BBC ran TNG that I was hooked. The golden years of 90s Trek ran parallel with my teens and I feel it is that deep love of Trek growing up that has moulded me into the open-minded person I am today with only The Simpsons having equal influence in forming my cynical sense of humour. In recent years I've turned to the Trekcast, Shuttlepod & Engage podcasts to get my fix but I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and celebrating a new era of Star Trek with Discovery through these forums! Boldly go.