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  1. I like 'Valiant' too. There are some pretty strong scenes in that episode, like Jake's argument with Nog and the final scene in the medical area.
  2. So the movie is getting very close now -- about a week to go, right? I'm nervous about it, considering Hamill's initial reaction to the script, and some of the stuff in the trailers. That being said, I'm also quite curious to see what the new director does with the series.
  3. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Is anyone here very familiar with Tarantino's work? The only thing I've seen from him are the Kill Bill movies. From what I've seen, and the stuff I've heard about his other work, he seems like quite a bad choice for Trek.

    The character overload is also my main concern. It's one of the things that hurt Civil War, for me. As for the trailer -- not bad, but nothing really struck me. The closest was probably the scene where Thanos is ripping out Vision's stone. He (Thanos) actually doesn't seem as silly as I had expected, but I'll wait to see the movie itself before deciding.

    That's understandable...the movie definitely has some issues. I suppose I just like the concepts behind it enough to forgive some of the flaws. I certainly prefer it to the MCU Hulk movie. I've heard that the Bill Bixby version of Hulk is the best one, but I never actually saw that.

    I definitely want to see more thoughtful superhero movies. I haven't seen Logan, though, mainly because it looks incredibly violent and grim. It certainly sounds like an impressive movie though. When it comes to 'standout' superhero movies, my list is basically just: Winter Soldier, Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins and (this will be controversial, I guess) Ang Lee's Hulk.
  7. The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ! Yay !

    Honestly, I'm not sure how interested I am yet...I haven't really liked either of the released Avengers films, although they had a decent scene here and there. Maybe the trailer will change my mind...
  8. The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ! Yay !

    Apparently the Infinity War trailer is going to pop up tomorrow...
  9. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Definitely one of the best episodes of the season so far. It was actually quite disturbing watching Stamets enduring so many jumps. Ash had a great scene where he goes into shock on the Klingon ship and another good scene where he was talking to Michael back on Discovery about his experiences. I still like the actor and the character, and I still hope the Big Theory isn't true. Michael also had good moments, like when she confronted that Klingon by herself.
  10. Episode 1.8: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” Discussion Thread

    I like Michael. In this episode, I was most irritated by Saru, but I'll admit that he's a good character. That was a particularly good scene near the end, when Michael was talking to him while he was in the medical area. I also hope the Admiral is still alive... Does anyone think they'll reveal Secret Agent Ash in the next episode? (As I believe it's the last episode before the break.) As I said before, I don't want the big theory to be true, but we still haven't seen a single sign of Voq. It's not looking promising.
  11. I have to provide a dissenting opinion here...it might be my favourite episode of the show so far. I wasn't blown away or anything, but it was fairly entertaining and interesting. Firstly, I'm not a fan of TOS, so I'm not bothered with Mudd's characterisation. I don't think I even saw the original version of him in the few TOS episodes I've watched. Aside from that, this episode devotes time to the characters, which I always enjoy. I absolutely want to see the crew members hanging out at a party, or advising one another on personal issues, and working together in the kind of way that I recall from TNG and DS9. I like how awkward Michael is, and Ash continues to be likeable. Stamets also came across well. Negative points? The end of the episode struck me as odd. Mudd commits terrible crimes, and they just let him go free? Is there no justice system or something? I'm a little puzzled. I also thought they could have built up the Ash and Michael stuff a bit more before some of the scenes we were given, but I guess it still worked.
  12. Episode 1.6 "Lethe" Discussion Thread

    Sehlat Vie needs to create a kung fu training montage set to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btPJPFnesV4 On the note of the Big Ash Theory... (Look away now if you're worried about potential spoilers.) The most convincing theory I've seen is that Voq has been through some sort of Manchurian Candidate process, and that at some point he'll suddenly activate, which in turn explains why he is such a convincing human.
  13. Your Favourite Season?

    1. DS9, season four. 2. TNG, season four. 3. DS9, season five.
  14. Episode 1.6 "Lethe" Discussion Thread

    Thoughts on this series so far: A mixed bag. As some of us expected, it feels like it's going for a darker tone, which I'm not particularly interested in, but I appreciate that they remembered to show a few flashes of the old optimism. My favourite thing so far is that they're finally establishing a sense of warmth amongst the crew -- Michael and Tilly jogging, and a bit of conversation with Ash while they were eating. (Also, I hope the Big Ash Theory isn't true...I agree with the poster earlier who said that they like Ash.) I actually quite liked Saru at first, but after his treatment of the creature in the previous episode, his character has soured for me in terms of likeability. My favourite characters are probably Michael and Tilly...I quite like the Doctor too, though.
  15. Opinions on DSC's supposed TV-MA rating?

    I'm mainly concerned about the violence. One thing I've noticed about some of the Marvel shows on Netflix is the strange bursts of graphic violence. Sometimes I wonder if they really need to be that excessive...I hope the new Trek isn't as extreme in that department.